Enews: Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Sunday, February 18

Dear Friend,


How do we have faith when we are tested? Perhaps in Mark’s account, the testing done by the devil is not as bad as the test of going on once John is gone. Of knowing what happened to John, Jesus still goes on to preach a gospel of repentance, of forgiveness of sins, and that the kingdom of heaven is drawing near, even though the earthly king Herod is the one who had John arrested.
Perhaps the testing is of believing in a loving God when everything you know has been destroyed, and believing that God doesn’t want this to ever happen again.
Or perhaps the testing is like that of Martha and Mary, of having faith when tragedy strikes, and that it’s okay to have the strength of Martha to confront God and still believe, or to be like Mary and completely collapse in grief. God weeps with us, and still gives us strength to go on…

God promises Noah that God will never again destroy all life through a flood, and God gives the rainbow as a sign of this promise.
A plea for God to be merciful and to not remember the sinfulness of the psalmist’s youth, but to teach the psalmist God’s ways and deliver him from his enemies.
Jesus died for us and was raised to life, having preached to the “spirits in prison” who disobeyed in Noah’s time. And now we are given the sign of baptism to show that we are saved & cleansed within by Christ, who now rules with God in heaven.
Jesus is baptized by John, affirmed by God and sent into the wilderness to be tempted. Then after John is arrested he begins his ministry calling people to repent and believe in his Good News message.
Designer of our Universe, draw us into wisdom and understanding. You have shared the deep mysteries with us, through Your work in creation, the oracles of the prophets, and the love of Jesus, who laid down his life for us.
You have woven us into the fabric of Your creation by making us co-creators with You. Guide us with wisdom and humility into knowing our role, into understanding Your design, and how important our part is. Share with us Your insight and love, so that we might draw others in. Amen.
In our Prayers Today:
All of our members, especially: Bunny Corrough, Mary Schwartz, Louise Anderson, Pat Matzek, Loretta Tanis, Gene Manley, Rich Rardin,
Amy Castleberry, Jan Elsner

Those with health and family issues: Kayson Schumacher; Barb McLeod, Denise Karhoff King’s sister; Virginia Thomasma, Pat Shaver’s mother; Jim Halligan, brother of Kathy Brenniman; Tony, brother in law of Christine Marousek; Linda Shaver-Gleason; Chris Gleason; Linus Gleason; Ann Efflandt, niece of Jack and Denise Karhoff King; Marilyn Blake, sister of Carol Wixson, Darrell Singelaub, brother of Jean Bubert; Kate Benner, friend of the Landerholms; John Tomlin, brother of Pat Baker; Jerry Buffenmeyer, Susan Friend’s Father; Sarah Wilkin, niece of Carol Wixson; Janet, extended family of Dennis Subach

8:00am Worship in the Chapel
8:45am Conversation with Pastor 
10:00am Worship in the Sanctuary: 
Music by: Call to Worship
Ushers: Steve Anderson, Carol Friedman, Greg Parks, Amy Thorpe, Jeff Kaiser
Liturgist:  Carl Shaver
Coffee And…: 
February 17, 2018 Laity Convocation: From Why to How: Executing your Plan for Ministry
Speaker Rev. Dr. Junius Dotson
 Register at:  UMCNIC.org/calendar/laity-convocation

Times:                      Silent auction and certificate sales begin at 4:00 p.m.
Dinner at 5:00 p.m.
Live auction at 6:00 p.m.
Tickets $20/person
What to wear:          Fair-going attire is recommended! It’s more fun!
What to bring:  A full and generous heart, and your cash, checks, and credit cards!
Dinner:  Pork chops, corn on the cob, veggie kabobs, apple pie.
Concession Stand:  Indulge in fair treats such as popcorn, cotton candy, Pink Piggies, ice cream and candy bars, hot chocolate with toppings, soft drinks, and bottled water. These cost a little extra, but they are oh so good! Treat yourself…remember, it’s for missions!
Auction:  Here’s where we put our faith in action by supporting missions through our bids and purchases. Listed below are items for sale on the auction block. There are handmade treasures, vacations, treats, gift certificates, unique experiences and dinners out. There is something for everyone!
Raise Your Paddle:  If you weren’t the top bidder on items or you wish to increase your donations for the evening, be sure to raise your paddle at this time. You will have the opportunity to make a $25, $50, or $100 donation – even higher if you like!
Proxy Bidding:  If you can’t attend the Auction, but would like to bid on items, ask someone to be your personal shopper. Give them a limit on specific items and let them take care of your business. You can even call or text your bids to your shopper as the auction is going on as well.
End result:  The dollars you spend or donate at the auction go to the outreach efforts of the United Methodist Church.Your purchases and donations make a difference in the lives of countless people.
Questions: Contact Susan Friend, 630-932-8452 orlernakid@aol.com
Get into the spirit of the Fair!!

As we go forward into 2018, we at Congregation Etz Chaim know that interfaith work is a priority. Passover offers a unique opportunity to learn about Judaism and create relationships which we can use to better our communities.
This year, congregation Etz Chaim wanted to offer a learning Seder. This is so all who are unfamiliar with the service can have time to learn about the process and ask as many questions as wanted. In this Seder, we will learn all about the process, history, and reasons for the holiday. Our learning Seder will be on Thursday, March 8th at 6pm in the synagogue.  The cost to register is $25 for adults and $18 for children, and please come hungry.  Cash or check will be accepted.
Please let Pastor Luis no later than Sunday, February 25th to make the reservations.
One of the big values Passover teaches us is to be welcoming and to transmit knowledge, we are so excited to be able to hold both of those values with this Seder.
Congregation Etz Chaim
1710 S Highland Ave, Lombard, IL

Lenten Bible Study
Sunday Mornings beginning
February 18   @ 8:45am $11.00
In life and in death, Jesus’ words were powerful and meaningful.
Despite the serious effort and increased pain required for Jesus to speak as he hung on the cross, Jesus spoke seven “final words”-statements that have much to teach us about Jesus, his Father, and ourselves:
   Father Forgive Them/Today You Will Be with Me in Paradise
   Behold Your Son…Behold Your Mother/My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?/I Thirst/It Is Finished . . . Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit/Postscript: The Words After That 
In 24 Hours That Changed the World, Adam Hamilton took us on a Lenten journey through the last day of Jesus’ life. Now in this inspiring follow-up book, Hamilton explores these final words as seen and heard through the eyes and ears of those who stood near the cross.
Each chapter begins with the biblical account followed by a first-person story as might have been told from the viewpoint of one of the characters at the cross. Then the chapter explores the meaning of Jesus’ dying words for our lives today. Following the last statement, a postscript recounts the words Jesus spoke following his resurrection, including what truly were the final words Jesus spoke while walking this earth.
Join the crowd now and experience the final words from the cross.
Final Words from the Cross offers six chapters/sessions plus a postscript chapter/session, so that classes have the option of a seventh session on Easter Sunday or the
Sunday after Easter.

Ecumenical Lenten Bible Study 5 Weeks

Wednesday Mornings 10:30am beginning February 21-March 21
Meeting here in our Chapel 
Cost of the Book:  $12

About the Book:
Top Jesus scholars Marcus J. Borg and John Dominic Crossan join together to reveal a radical and little-known Jesus. As both authors reacted to and responded to
questions about Mel Gibson’s blockbuster The Passion of the Christ, they discovered that many Christians are unclear on the details of events during the week leading up to Jesus’s crucifixion.
Using the gospel of Mark as their guide, Borg and Crossan present a day-by-day account of Jesus’s final week of life. They begin their story on Palm Sunday with two triumphal entries into Jerusalem. The first entry, that of Roman governor Pontius Pilate leading Roman soldiers into the city, symbolized military strength. The second heralded a new kind of moral hero who was praised by the people as he rode in on a humble donkey. The Jesus introduced by Borg and Crossan is this new moral hero, a more dangerous Jesus than the one enshrined in the church’s traditional teachings.
The Last Week depicts Jesus giving up his life to protest power without justice and to condemn the rich who lack concern for the poor. In this vein, at the end of the week Jesus marches up Calvary, offering himself as a model for others to do the same when they are confronted by similar issues.
Informed, challenged, and inspired, we not only meet the historical Jesus, but meet a new Jesus who engages us and invites us to follow him.

About the Authors:

Marcus J. Borg (1942-2015) was a pioneering author and teacher whom the New York Timesdescribed as “a leading figure in his generation of Jesus scholars.” He was the Hundere Distinguished Professor of Religion and Culture at Oregon State University and canon theologian at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Portland, and he appeared on NBC’s The Today Show and Dateline, ABC’s World News, and NPR’s Fresh Air. His books have sold over a million copies, including the bestselling Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, Reading the Bible Again for the First Time, Jesus, The Heart of Christianity, Evolution of the Word, Speaking Christian, and Convictions.
John Dominic Crossan, professor emeritus at DePaul University, is widely regarded as the foremost historical Jesus scholar of our time. He is the author of several bestselling books, including The Historical Jesus, How to Read the Bible and Still Be a Christian, God and Empire, Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography, The Greatest Prayer, The Last Week, and The Power of Parable. He lives in Minneola, Florida.


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