Enews – Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018

First United Methodist Church ENews

Sunday, April 1

Dear Friend,


The heart of the Christian story is that death did not have the final word. The women, and then the disciples, went and told the good news of Christ’s resurrection. Their mourning was turned to rejoicing! God desires for us to know that death is not the dividing line. In Christ, we have new life, eternal life, where death and sin have no hold on us.

God will create a feast for all people, will swallow up death, and will wipe away all tears. All people will celebrate that God has saved them.
 A psalm of celebration and thanksgiving for God’s salvation, affirming that the psalmist will not die, but will live, and rejoicing that the rejected stone has become the main foundation stone.
The message that was preached by all of the apostles, and in which the believers believed was that Christ died for our sins, was buried and rose again, as witnessed by hundreds of disciples.
The two Mary’s and Salome go to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body, but they find the stone rolled away and a young man in a white robe tells them that Jesus is risen, and instructs them to go and tell the disciples. The women leave the tomb afraid.
 Eternal One, Your love never waivers. You continue to give us new life, planting the seeds of hope. We see evidence of resurrection all around, in the blossoming buds of trees, and in young voices speaking truth. Help us to listen to Your voice that is coming to us in new and stronger ways, a voice that calls us to justice, mercy, and peace.
Help us to see Your love at work, in the beauty around us. Help us to see Your love at work in the people who are coming together to stand for justice and truth. We heard Your voice through the prophets of old, and in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, the witnesses of the women at the tomb, and we hear it again now. Your love never fails, and continues to grow. Help us to listen, learn, and love. Amen.

In our Prayers Today:

All of our members, especially: Bill Battcher; Grace Stetson; Lucille Edwards; Louise Anderson, Pat Matzek, Loretta Tanis, Rich Rardin, Amy Castleberry, Jan Elsner
Those with health and family issues: Beth, Linda Dumas’s niece; Debbie Sanchez; Kim, niece of Teddie & Dick Knapp; Marlene, friend of Shavers; Tracey, friend of Randi Grzenia; Missy Iannella; Kayson Schumacher; Barb McLeod, Denise Karhoff King’s sister; Virginia Thomasma, Pat Shaver’s mother; Tony, brother in law of Christine Marousek; Linda Shaver-Gleason; Chris Gleason; Linus Gleason; Ann Efflandt, niece of Jack and Denise Karhoff King; Marilyn Blake, sister of Carol Wixson, Kate Benner, friend of the Landerholms; Jerry Buffenmeyer, Susan Friend’s Father; Sarah Wilkin, niece of Carol Wixson; Janet, extended family of Dennis Subach
Service at 6:15am
(Outdoor Weather Permitting on East side of Maple Street Lot.)
Easter Breakfast 8:15-9:45am-Special Fundraiser for our own    Youth!
There will be NO Sunday School classes on Easter Sunday. 
Worship in our Sanctuary @ 10:00am
Music by: Aldersgate Ringers, Chancel Choir, and Fusion
  Ushers: Jody Baldyga, Robert Friend, Tom Hayes, Liz Reyes Rodriguez, Gustavo Rodriguez, Jeff Kaiser
Easter Egg Hunt for the children following the 10:00 Worship Service!


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