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Sunday, March 18

Dear Friend,


The PURPOSE of United Methodist Women
The Purpose is adopted by the General Conference of The United Methodist Church as the official mission statement of United Methodist Women.
United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.
Out of the Purpose are four mission foci that relate to the mission initiatives and priorities of United Methodist Women.
     To be a community of women
     To know God
     To develop a creative and supportive fellowship
     To expand concepts of mission
Mission is presence, relationship, witness and sharing.
Mission is refusing to turn away when the tears of God are being shed
over the violence and injustice and suffering of God’s wayward creation.


Numbers 27:1-8

The five daughters of Zelophehad considered themselves as left destitute, having neither father nor brother to inherit any land. Their believing expectation that the word of God would be performed in due season, and their desire of an interest in the promised inheritance; and the modest, candid manner in which they asked, without secret murmurs or discontents… 

Colossians 2: 6-7

Paul’s central teaching of the letter- is that the Colossians should continue to live their lives in Christ
Guest Speaker
The Reverend Darneather Murph-Heath-
Elgin District Superintendent
Northern Illinois Conference of The United Methodist Church
Eternal Spirit, Life-giver, Pain-Bearer, Love-maker,
Source of all that is and that shall be,
Mother and Father of us all, loving God in whom is heaven:
May the hallowing of your name echo through the universe.
The way of your justice be followed by the people of the world.
Your heavenly will be done by all created beings.
Your commonwealth of peace and freedom sustain our hope and come on earth.
With the bread we need for today, feed us.
In the hurts we absorb from one another, forgive us.
In time of temptation and test, strengthen us.
From trials too great to endure, spare us.
From the grip of all that is evil, free us.
For you reign in the glory of the power that is love, now and forever.
In our Prayers Today:
All of our members, especially: Bonnie Campbell; Lucille Edwards; Louise Anderson, Pat Matzek, Loretta Tanis, Rich Rardin, Amy Castleberry, Jan Elsner
Those with health and family issues: Beth, Linda Dumas’s Niece; Debbie Sanchez; Kim, Niece of Teddie and Dick Knapp; Tracey, friend of Randi Grzenia; Marlene, friend of Shaver’s; Missy Iannella; Kayson Schumacher; Barb McLeod, Denise Karhoff King’s sister; Virginia Thomasma, Pat Shaver’s mother; Tony, brother in law of Christine Marousek; Linda Shaver-Gleason; Chris Gleason; Linus Gleason; Ann Efflandt, niece of Jack and Denise Karhoff King; Marilyn Blake, sister of Carol Wixson, Darrell Singelaub, brother of Jean Bubert; Kate Benner, friend of the Landerholms; Jerry Buffenmeyer, Susan Friend’s Father; Sarah Wilkin, niece of Carol Wixson; Janet, extended family of Dennis Subach
No 8:00am Worship in the Chapel
8:45am Conversation with Pastor 
10:00am Worship in the Sanctuary: 
Music by: Women’s Ensemble
Greeters:  Jean Bubert, Jan Kintonis, Mary Schwartz
Ushers: Jody Baldyga, Connie Bryant, Carol Reiman

Coffee And…:  United Methodist Women
ALTAR FLOWERS: In loving memory of Marilyn Chrisman from the Mathieu’s (Melody, Larry, Lee, Lance & Malorie) and The Chrisman’s (Clark, Renee, Keith & Janelle (John) Kando)
In celebration of Thank Offering Sunday from the United Methodist

Many of you have asked how you can help Amy and Mike Castleberry. Please read the following and thank you for your care and help!
Food requests, no added salt, please, per the cardiologist, as healthy as possible, although usually if something is too rich, I’m only able to eat a small amount anyway, which is fine.  Casseroles are fine.  We like most anything, if fish, just not too fishy, like salmon.
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