Enews: Sunday, June 17, 2018

First United Methodist Church ENews
Sunday, June 17
One Service Only 9:00am
Dear Friend,


God’s ways are not our ways. God chooses the smallest, the least. God chooses the sprig over the giant tree. God chooses the invasive weed over the beautiful flowering plant. God chooses us, and makes their home with us, and when we know and accept God’s choosing, the welcome is drawn wide for others and creation.
God is the one who has planted the seeds in us, and knows when it is time for harvest, time for us to be used for the kingdom and to use all our gifts God has given us. The time is now.

 God tells Samuel that God has rejected Saul as king, and God instructs Samuel to anoint one of Jesse’s sons as king. Samuel sees the eldest of the sons and thinks that one of them must be the king, but God tells him that God does not see as human beings do. Then David, the youngest son, is called
and anointed to be king over Israel.
Followers of Christ live by faith and not by sight, and do everything with the view to please God. Although we may at times seem crazy, we are controlled by Christ’s love. So we no longer live our old life, but a new one in Christ for whom we live, and who was raised for us.
Jesus shares two parables of God’s Reign using the metaphor of seeds. In the first, he speaks about a farmer who plants seeds without knowing how they grow. In the second, he describes how the small mustard seed grows to become a large plant in which birds can nest.
Loving God, in this season of growth, open our hearts to grow in your love. Help us to truly trust in your creative process in our lives. We look around and we see the beauty of your world, the blossoming flowers and plants, the growth of children, the joy of celebrations of graduation and marriage, of receiving new life.
And we also see the sadness and sorrow that has invaded the world when systems of injustice and hatred lay claim to people’s lives. Prepare us, O Lord, to become ambassadors of peace and hope. Help us to place our trust in you, so that when we are serving others, they may come to know your abiding love and power. Give us courage and great joy as we serve you. Amen.
In our Prayers Today:
All of our members, especially:

Dorothy Miller; Bill Battcher; Lucille Edwards; Louise Anderson,
Pat Matzek, Loretta Tanis, Rich Rardin, Amy Castleberry, Jan Elsner
Those with health and family issues:
William, grandson of Teddie and Dick Knapp; ; Beth, Linda Dumas’s niece; Debbie Sanchez; Kim, niece of Teddie & Dick Knapp; Marlene, friend of Shavers; Tracey, friend of Randi Grzenia; Missy Iannella; Kayson Schumacher; Tony, brother in law of Christine Marousek; Linda Shaver-Gleason; Chris Gleason; Linus Gleason; Ann Efflandt, niece of Jack and Denise Karhoff King; Marilyn Blake, sister of Carol Wixson, Kate Benner, friend of the Landerholms; Janet, extended family of Dennis Subach
 9:00am Worship 
Music:  Call to Worship 
  Ushers: Steve Anderson, Melanie Johnson, Greg Parks, Amy Thorpe, Jeff Kaiser
Coffee And…: Pastor Luis and Norma in celebration of Father’s Day and our Graduates!
Deadline for
July/August Messenger is:
June 25!
We are still looking for a few more Volunteers!!!
If you can’t donate of your time, we are also accepting financial gifts for food purchase.  Please designate PADS in your giving…either on-line, check, or cash.  Thank you so much!!
Saturday, July 7-Sunday, July 8
Set-up beds & Serve meal, Clear dinner, Clean dining room. 5-7:30pm
Need 4 volunteers
Dinner Prep, wash dishes,5-8pm
Need 4 volunteers
Midnight -3am
Need 3 volunteers
Need 2 volunteers
If you can help out, or for more information, please contact either
Pat Price 630.2043.3448
Tom Price 847.800.6130

Summer Office
We are now equipped with a Hearing Loop.  To receive the signal directly in a hearing aid, a dedicated program with a T-coil is required.  For RITE or open-tube fit BTE instruments and near normal low frequency hearing, program a “T” only setting and an MT setting for closed mold fittings.


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