Enews: Sunday, December 16, 2018

Dear Friend, 
The season of Advent reminds us of the time before Christ. John the Baptizer came to prepare the way for Christ, proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. The prophets also spoke of hope in their day for a people who had suffered, who had been led astray by religious leaders and kings. In the time of Jesus, the people found comfort in these ancient words, and hope that God was doing something new in their time.

A call for God's people to rejoice because God has restored and
forgiven God's people, and now lives in the midst of them, bringing them
joy and healing, and including all the marginalized and oppressed ones. 

Promise for the God who is the salvation of God’s people, their strength and shield, who does glorious things for God’s people, and is great among them.

Luke 3:7-18
John confronts the people about their corruption and injustice, and challenges them to change their lives. When they ask what they must do, he calls them to generosity, justice and compassion. Then, when the people wonder whether he might be the Messiah, John tells them that he is not, but that one is coming after him who will baptize them with the Holy Spirit.
Who are the voiceless, excluded ones in our community? Who are the ones that a John the Baptist would call you to serve and include? What practices or ways of living would John challenge you on? What uses of your wealth might he question? Can we use this Advent season to develop long term programs or strategies for embodying Christ’s coming to the people who most need to hear it in our neighborhoods, and perhaps the world? As we prepare for the season of incarnation, and explore what it means that God’s Reign is always coming to us, we need to make this about more than just happy ideas. It is only as God’s Reign becomes the focus of our lives that we can really enjoy – and share – the abundant life that Jesus brings. This is not just about giving money, or creating new charities. It’s really about building relationships with those who need friends and caring networks more than handouts. It’s about realizing that we’re all connected, and that what dehumanizes one, dehumanizes us all. Perhaps, this year, instead of using this season as an escape from the world’s struggles, we can allow it to draw us more deeply into connectedness and mutual care.

 God of All Seasons, as we decorate our homes and sing carols, we are mindful that for some this is not a joyful season. This is not a time of wonder and awe, but a time of deep pain and sorrow. We are mindful of those in our midst who have lost loved ones, those who are estranged from their families. We hold in our hearts those for whom this is a difficult time. May we have hearts that understand, minds that listen instead of speak, and souls that are content with disquiet. We know that one day our mourning will turn to dancing, our sorrow to joy. Until that time, be present with us, God of all Seasons, for as the nights grow long in the north and days in the south, we know that all things will shift and change. Amen.

10:00am Worship – NOTE:  One Service Only This Sunday

Music: Nada-Cantata
Featuring …    Aldersgate Ringers, Chancel Choir, Fusion & Flute – Kaitlyn Teater 
Narrator:  Denise Karhoff King/Scott Hotaling 
Accompanist:  Emily Langworthy 
Director of Music Ministries:  Brianna Harris 
Ushers:  Steve Anderson, Melanie Johnson, Scott Riley,Amy Thorpe, Jeff Kaiser
Coffee And…:  Cookies provided by the Church Staff with Norma Nieves


           Any children from the age of 3-13 are welcome to sing in the Angel Choir at the 4:30 PM Christmas Eveservice. There will be a rehearsal on December 23rd right after the 10 o’clock service and another short rehearsal on Christmas Eve. Music is on the website Children page. Please reach out to Brianna Harris if you are interested or have any questions. 
December Service Information: 

Sunday, December 16 – One Service Only 10:00am , featuring the Nada Cantata, a celebration of Advent & Christmas with words & music from all of the Music Ministries

Wednesday, December 19 – Ecumenical Blue Christmas/Longest Night Service

Monday, December 24 – Christmas Eve!4:30pm Christmas Eve Service7:30pm Christmas Eve Service in the chapel 11:00pm Christmas Eve Service

Sunday, December 30 – One Worship Service at 10:00am 

The Church Office will be closed the week of December 23.
We wish all a very Blessed Christmas and New Year!!!
           Calvary Episcopal ChurchFirst Church of Lombard-United Church of ChristFirst United Methodist Church An EcumenicalBlue Christmas WorshipA Service of Readings,Candle Lighting & Communion155 South Main StreetLombard, Illinois 60148Wednesday, December 19th, 7:00pmCookies and Coffee after Worshipin the Chapel
           Looking for the perfect Christmas gift to give to a Lombard Lifer?? LOMBARDOPOLY games are now available through the Lombard Chamber.  These great games are just like Monopoly, but everything on the board is related to Lombard.  Cost is just $25ea.  You can pick these up at the Lombard Chamber Monday through Friday from 9 to 11am or 2 to 4pm, OR contact Pam Lohman and she will bring them to church for you.  Checks should be made out to “Lombard Chamber of Commerce. 

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