Enews: Sunday, April 14, 2019

First United Methodist Church ENews
Sunday, April 14
Passion/Palm Sunday!
Dear Friend,

From the point of view of the disciples, the events of Holy Week go from joy to terror, from celebration to nightmare. They enter with Jesus, and though they may have been afraid, their fear and trembling in the beginning was in response to awe, and they were full of hope. By the end of the week, their friend has been killed, hung on a cross, and they have scattered, fearing for their own life.
We can understand the emotions of this heavy week, even thousands of years later, going from life to death, and then ultimately to life again. But for a short while, we must sit with the fear and terror of death, the pain of hate, the suffering of the world that Jesus faced. To skip over the nightmare the disciples and Jesus himself experienced would be to skip over the work of Christ on the cross, where death is defeated, where sin does not have the final word.

A prophecy of the obedient servant, beaten and mocked, but vindicated by God.
Jesus’ humility and obedience in his incarnate, crucified life, and God’s exaltation of Christ.
Jesus rides into Jerusalem as the people offer praises. The Pharisees though are unimpressed, calling on Jesus to silence the crowd.
Have mercy on us, O God.
Where depression lingers, grant us hope.
Where fear threatens, grant us comfort.
Where strength fails, give us courage.
Where faithfulness wanes, grant us endurance.
Where sin invades, grant us forgiveness.
Shine upon us with your love and grace, O God.
In your blessed name, we pray. Amen.
8:00am Worship in the Chapel
8:45am Christian Formation
10:00am Worship in the Sanctuary
Music: Chancel Choir & Fusion 
Ushers:  Gerry Chvatal, LouAnn Chvatal, Jack King, 
Ron Lohman, and Jeff Kaiser
ALTAR FLOWERS:  In Celebration of Jean Bubert’s 95th Birthday on April 18th, With love from her Children
Coffee And…: 
Palm/Passion Sunday
April 14
8:00am in the Chapel &
10:00am in the Sanctuary
Maundy Thursday
Thursday, April 18 @ 7:00pm, combined with First Church, in their chapel across the street. Please consider making this part of your Holy Week observance.
Good Friday
Sanctuary will be open from 3-8pm for Candle lighting and time of
Holy Saturday-Be in an attitude of Prayer as we await
the wonder of Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday
Sunday, April 21
Service at 6:15am (Outdoor Weather Permitting on East side of Maple Street Lot)
Easter Breakfast 8:15-9:45am-in the Church Parlor
Special Fundraiser for Redefine!
There will be NO Sunday School classes on Easter Sunday.
Worship in our Sanctuary @ 10:00am
Easter Egg Hunt for the children following the 10:00 Worship Service!


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