Enews: Sunday, April 7, 2019

First United Methodist Church ENews
Sunday, April 7
Dear Friend,

In Isaiah, God promises that the new thing that is springing up will make gardens out of deserted places and even the weirdest looking animals (jackals and ostriches) will honor God by practicing resurrection. This newness is about transformation. Rivers will not run through deserts without fundamentally changing them, just as God’s love cannot flow through our hearts without transforming us. We are reminded through the prophet’s words that God has made us for this exact purpose. We cannot praise the risen Christ, let alone rise ourselves, if we are still mired in the old, former things.

The God who has saved Israel in the past invites God’s people to believe that a new salvation is coming for them in their exile.
A psalm celebrating the return of exiles to Jerusalem, and asking for God’s grace as they seek to rebuild their lives and their homeland.
Paul, who has every reason to trust in his goodness under the law, explains why he chooses rather to trust in Christ for his righteousness, and how he commits to continually striving to reach the reward that is promised in Christ.
Patient Lord, we find it easy to blame others and other circumstances for the things which happen in our lives. We hear the words “if only” and wonder why things didn’t happen differently for us. Too often we want you to be a “magic” presence which will, with the wave of a wand, cure our ills, give us success and happiness; but we don’t necessarily want to take responsibility for our attitudes and actions.
Life is. Things happen which we didn’t plan for and events swirl around us over which we have no control. But to place blame and not to find ways in which we can work through the situations is detrimental to everyone, especially ourselves.
Forgive us when we are so busy placing blame that we don’t recognize your presence and love for us. Free us from placing our own desires first and foremost. Help us to look at the many ways in which you are working in the world for peace and justice, and enable us to be part of that ministry. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.
8:00am Worship in the Chapel
8:45am Christian Formation
10:00am Worship in the Sanctuary
Reception of New Members:  Linnea & William Sheehan
Music: Chancel Choir
Ushers:  Jody Baldyga, Robert Friend, Tom Hayes, 
Liz Reyes Rodriguez, Gustavo Rodriguez, Jeff Kaiser
Liturgist:  Amy Marzullo
Coffee And…: 
The Shepherding Ministry invites you to:
The Journey
Join us after church Sunday, April 14, 2019 at 11:30 am
in the Parlor
to find out more about Lent, Easter,
Pentecost and Ordinary Time
Experience Lenten Prayer Stations, learn about the background of these seasons of the Church year,
and enjoy a meal together.
Lunch is included for all attendees, so please let us know you’re coming so we can accurately estimate food quantity to obtain.
Name ________________________________________
_______ Yes, I will attend             ________ number of persons in your group
There is no cost to attend, but registration is requested. J
Please register by Tuesday, April 9, 2019 withDeaconGinny@FirstUMCLombard.org

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A few more Auction Events and Certificates available, take a look:
Looking for some fun things to do?? 
Sign up for these Auction Events! 
To sign up, contact Denise Karhoff King. 
Phone:  630-379-6616;email:  fivecrowns@juno.com
Game Night  Sat, April 13 at 7:00pm in Church Parlor  $15
Cards Against Humanity  Sat, April 27 at 2:00pm at Marzullo’s  $15
Afterthought Beer Tasting  Sat, May 18 at 2:00pm at Afterthought  $15
Grill Fest  Sun, June 9 at 4:30pm at Lohman’s  $62.92
Gift Cards and certificates for sale!  Contact Susan Friend at 630-309-0408 or email:  lernakid@aol.com
CD One Price Cleaners $25  (two available)
Feel Good Hair  $25
Lombard Pharmacy $100
Famous (Beverage Store)  $25 and $20
Morton Arboretum Admission $15  (two available)
Punky’s $20 (Beverage and pizza)
Ty Warner Spray Park $5 (four available)


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