Sunday, April 21 – Easter Sunday

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Sunday, April 21
Easter Sunday!
Dear Friend,

In all accounts of the resurrection, the women are the first to arrive, the first to see the angels, the first to know that Christ has risen from the dead. In Matthew and John, Mary Magdalene is the first to experience the risen Christ. They declare the impossible. They stand in the face of those who say death has the final word and declare that Christ is Risen. They stand in the face of fear and declare that the movement isn’t dead but has been revealed, reborn, and will live forever. God always has the final word, and the final word is love and life.
Celebration of Worship @ 10am

Peter preaches that God shows no favoritism, but that anyone who believes in Jesus, who did good and healed those, oppressed by the devil, was crucified, and was raised, receives life and forgiveness.
Christ is the one who died and came back to life in order to bring all people to life. Finally, death itself is destroyed.
Mary finds the empty tomb and reports it to the disciples. Peter and John investigate and witness the empty tomb, but Mary remains and becomes the first to meet, and witness to, the Risen Christ.

Sunrise Worship @ 6:15am
The women find the tomb empty and meet two angels who report that Jesus is risen. They return and report the event to the disciples, who are initially skeptical

We have to admit it, Lord, that we had our doubts. We have heard the Resurrection story and for so many years it has remained just a nice story. But this time it is different. This time we have walked the path with Christ. We have journeyed through the wilderness and valleys, to the mountaintops to the courtyard, the garden and the cross. Now you bring us to the empty tomb and to the joyous news of the truth of Christ. Forgive us when we so easily doubt the truth of his resurrection. Forgive us when we feel we have to have absolute proof of everything. Your love in Jesus Christ is all the proof we need. You conquered death and sin, you brought us to new life. We praise your holy name and sing our unending song of hope and thanksgiving. Christ the Lord is risen today. Alleluia. Amen.
6:15am Easter Sunrise Service
8:15am Easter Breakfast in the Church Parlor
10:00am Worship in the Sanctuary
Music: Combined Ensembles
Trumpet:  Kelly Thelen
Accompanist:  Ethan Valentin
Ushers:  Steve Anderson, Melanie Johnson, Scott Riley, 
Amy Thorpe, and Jeff Kaiser
Join us for an Easter Egg Hunt after the 10:00am Worship!
The Church Office will be closed Tuesday, April 23 in Observance of Easter.
Pastor Luis will be out of the office next week.  In case of pastoral concerns, contact: Rev. Bonnie, Deacon Ginny, or Scott
Maundy Thursday
Thursday, April 18 @ 7:00pm, combined with First Church, in their chapel across the street. Please consider making this part of your Holy Week observance.
Good Friday
Sanctuary will be open from 3-8pm for Candle lighting and time of
Holy Saturday-Be in an attitude of Prayer as we await
the wonder of Easter Sunday


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