Enews: Sunday, May 5, 2019


First United Methodist Church ENews
Sunday, May 5
Dear Friend,

In this Easter season, we continue to experience the resurrected Christ in new ways, ways that break old borders and walls. Christ calls us to challenge what we’ve been taught as clean or pure. Christ challenges us to see what we may have been persecuting-that in our way of living our lives, we may be putting others in danger.
In living out our faith, are we honoring Christ in all? Or are we creating unnecessary walls and boundaries? Are we still trying to go back to our old way of thinking, our old way of doing things? Can we look past our previous mistakes and feed the sheep of God, as Peter was called to do? May we cross the borders we have inflicted, tear down the walls we have built up, to see all people as God’s people, to seek the face of Christ in all.

Saul travels to Damascus with the intention of arresting any followers of Jesus, but on the road, he is confronted with a vision of Christ that changes him into a disciple.
The Lamb is worshipped by the creatures and elders around God’s throne, because he was slain, was victorious, and is worthy.

Peter is restored by Jesus at the breakfast on the beach, and then called, once again, to leadership and to follow Christ – even to death.
Sojourning God, You encounter us on this journey of life in unexpected ways and unexpected places. Throughout the Scriptures, You have shown us that You call us to help those in need on the side of the road. You stop us in our tracks when we are going the wrong way. You move us to be with people we would not normally associate with. You call us to rest when we want to press on in unhealthy ways, and You call us to carry on when we want to stop for selfish reasons. Even when we are resting, You are on the move around us. The world never stops turning, the solar system never stops revolving, the galaxies never stop spinning. Everything is in motion, including You, Sojourning God, Spirit of Life, the Resurrected Christ. In Your name we live and move and have our being. Amen.
8:00am Worship in the Chapel
8:45am Christian Formation
10:00am Worship in the Sanctuary
Music: Chancel Choir
Ushers:  Jody Baldyga, Robert Friend, Tom Hayes, 
Liz Reyes Rodriguez, Gustavo Rodriguez, Jeff King
Liturgist:  Pam Lohman
Coffee and…:  

On Wednesday, May 8 we will have Stanley Steemer working in multiple areas of our building.
This was recommended after a mold inspector visit our facilities due to many of us experiencing allergies.
We are seeking volunteers that will help us get ready. We will gather on Tuesday, May 7 at 6 pm.
The areas will be Main Office, Pastor Office, Deacon Ginny, Library, Nursery, Parlor and Main hallway.  Thanks for your assistance.

 for the 
May/June 2019 


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