Enews: Sunday, June 16, 2019

First United Methodist Church ENews
Sunday, June 16
Father’s Day/Graduate Recognition
9:00 One Worship Service
Dear Friend,

Fear holds us back. Fear caused the disciples to doubt that anything could be done for the people. Fear of the cost, fear that there wasn’t enough, fear that there were too many people to make a difference almost stopped the disciples.
But a young boy wasn’t afraid to come forward with his five loaves and two fish, and Jesus wasn’t afraid that they would run out-but rather, had them sit down and told them to collect the leftovers. When we let go of fear, and cling to hope, and trust in God, God will see us through.
That doesn’t mean it will be easy, or that everything will be all right, but it means we will not be alone. The disciples were not alone, because Jesus was with them, even when they were afraid.

The prophet Elijah receives a bag of grain and twenty barley loaves, and he instructs his servant to feed one hundred people with them. The servant, although uncertain at first, obeys, and after everyone is fed there is food left over.
Paul prays for the Ephesian Christians, asking God, who knows all people, to strengthen them, live in them and enable them to grasp the height, depth and breadth of God’s love. Then Paul, celebrates God who can do far more than we can think or imagine.
Jesus is followed by a large crowd and he asks Philip where they will find food to feed them, but Philip expresses that it would be far too costly to try and feed them all. Then Andrew points out one youth’s five loaves and two fish. Jesus blesses the food and has it distributed to the crowd, and everyone is fed. Then, because he knows they want to force him to be king, Jesus withdraws. But, later, as the disciples sail across the lake, a storm comes up. But, Jesus goes to the disciples on the water and they reach their destination safely.
Almighty God, we confess our fear. At times we allow fear to lead us rather than hope; doubt to drive us rather than trust. We make mistakes, and instead of confessing our mistakes and working to right our wrongs, we double-down.
We refuse to acknowledge our wrongdoings because we are afraid. We have allowed fear to rule us instead of love, but Your love casts out fear. Your love calls us to renewed trust.
Your love allows us to hope and to work together for goodness. We confess and acknowledge our fear, O God, and ask for Your help to overcome it. In the name of Christ, who faced the fear of death on the cross, and lives in us, we pray. Amen.
9:00am Worship
Music: Fusion
Ushers:  Steve Anderson, Melanie Johnson, Scott Riley, 
Amy ThorpeJeff Kaiser
Coffee And…:  Cake and Coffee to honor Father’s Day 
and Graduates!


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