Enews: Sunday, June 23, 2019

First United Methodist Church ENews
Sunday, June 23
Service of Holy Baptism
9:00 One Worship Service
Dear Friend,

As we enter this season after Pentecost, through the Hebrew Scriptures we see how our ancestors in faith came to know God differently than others. God was not found in the fires and earthquakes, the destruction around them. God was not found by worshiping on the mountains. Instead, God was with the people on the mountains and in the valleys. God was not found in the violence, but with those who mourn, those who despaired, those who suffered.
In this season of Pentecost, we see God is at work around us and through us-and sometimes, that can be quite scary. Sometimes, God does not show up how we expect or want, but God always shows up in the way we need…

 Psalm 42 & 43

A song of lament, with a commitment to praise God in the face of persecution of suffering.
Now that the way of faith in Christ has come, the law is no longer needed. Those who trust in Christ are God’s children, and we are all equal in God’s family.

Jesus liberates the Gerasene demonaic, who begs to go with Jesus once he has been healed. But Jesus sends him home to tell of what God did for him.
Almighty God, we confess that we have failed to care for the earth You gave us, and instead created our own world that threatens to destroy us. We have created a world in which power is held by the privileged, a world where sin grows sinuous through systems of oppression and destruction. We have created a world that is not Yours. You created a beautiful earth and have revealed to us the promise of Your reign, Your beloved community, in which heaven and earth are one.
Help us to live into this wonderful vision by denying the power of this world of our own making, working to stop oppression and injustice around us. Guide us into ways of resisting evil so we might do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with You in Your reign, and to care for this earth that You created for us and for all Your creatures. In Your name, our Creator, our Redeemer, and our Sustainer, we pray. Amen.
9:00am Worship
Music: Fusion
Ushers:  Steven Flint, Pat Price, Al Reiman, 
Mike Thorpe, Jeff Kaiser
Baptism:  Giselle Adaeze and Derek Eze Hoeppner
Parents:  Craig T and Ifeoma Rose Hoeppner
Sponsors:  Ijeamaka Vivian and Mark Charles


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