Enews: Sunday, July 14, 2019

First United Methodist Church ENews
Sunday, July 14
Service of Holy Communion
9:00 One Worship Service
Dear Friend,

The call of God to live out the commandments is a call to a deeper way of life. It’s a call to incline our hearts toward God, to live in a way that the teachings of scripture are lived out in all we say and do. God calls us as we are, from where we are, such as Amos, a herdsman and dresser of sycamore trees.
God challenges us when we are set in our ways, such as the lawyer determined to test Jesus, who finds that the question to inherit eternal life isn’t about inheritance at all, but rather how he practices mercy to others. The call of God is to find our identity in Christ, and in our love for others.

 Amos 7:7-17

God gives Amos a vision of a plumb line, and prophesies that Israel is to be destroyed. When the high priest, Amaziah, tells Amos to go home and stop prophesying, Amos (the ‘unprophet’ – shepherd and farmer) speaks judgment on him as well.
Paul’s prayer for the Colossians to continue to grow in wisdom, strength and joy, and to enjoy the inheritance of freedom that God has made available through Christ.

In response to the question of how eternal life can be inherited, Jesus offers the Great Commandment, and then explains the practical outworking of this through the story of the Samaritan who helped the man beaten by robbers on the road to Jericho
Ancient of Days, our beginnings and endings are with You, the Alpha and Omega. You created all things and shined Your light into the universe. In us, You breathed life and love and Spirit. You move in us, work through us, and call us by name into this ancient, holy work of creation. Guide us in our co-creativity, so that our work and play are always for good. Lead us away from evil that destroys and consumes without reparations. For You are the Source of our being, the Light of all light, the Love Eternal. Amen.
9:00am Worship
Music: Fusion
Ushers:  Gerry Chvatal, LouAnn Chvatal, Jack King, 
Ron Lohman, Jeff Kaiser

Thurs. 7/11     7:00pm Fusion
Sat. 7/13    Vow Renewal
PADS overnight
Sun. 7/14   9:00am Worship in the Sanctuary
Fit First
Piano Practice-Chapel
News from our Reconciling Team…
Please join us on Sunday, July 21 after worship for Coffee and an introduction/presentation. There will be a Q & A time. We will meet in the chapel. Come to the parlor get your refreshments and move to the chapel.


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