Enews: Sunday, July 7, 2019


First United Methodist Church ENews
Sunday, July 7
Service of Holy Baptism & Communion
9:00 One Worship Service
Dear Friend,

Trusting God isn’t always easy. In a world of poverty, disease, famine and rejection, it can be difficult to feel that God is in your corner, that God is on your side. However, the scriptures teach us that turning toward God, we recognize God’s presence all around.
Working for the good of all, and trusting in the love of others, we find God is working alongside and with us. Accepting hospitality and kindness from others is also an act of good works, not simply helping others, for we all must bear each other’s burdens, and carry each other as people of faith.

A prophecy of restoration and comfort, like being nursed and cared for by a mother, for Jerusalem and her people.
Paul instructs the Galatians to give themselves in bringing goodness into the world – correcting one another, working faithfully, providing for their teachers, and doing good (justice) at every opportunity.

Jesus sends the seventy two disciples out to preach the Kingdom, instructing them to bless the homes where they stay  and to accept the hospitality they are offered. On their return he celebrates with them, but stresses that the best thing is to have “names written in heaven”.
God of Grace, and God of Glory, we sing Your praises, for Your name is on our lips and in our heart. You have called each of us to sing in harmony with the great opus You have written and orchestrated with all of creation. May we know our part, when it is time for us to sing, and time for us to be silent and allow other voices to carry on.
May we follow Your conducting, blending our voices to help enhance one another. In all things, may we trust in You when the notes do not seem to be right, for we know You will resolve the tune, for You hold the key. Amen.
Wishing all a blessed 4th of July.
Please remember the office will be closed on the 4th.
We will be back in on July 9th.
9:00am Worship
Music: Fusion
Ushers:  Jody Baldyga, Robert Friend, Tom Hayes, 
Liz Reyes Rodriguez, Gustavo Rodriguez, Jeff Kaiser
Baptism:  Juliette May Valentine Baker
Parents:  Katie and Jonathan Baker
Sponsors:  Bryin Baker and Shawna Flowers


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