Enews: Sunday, August 11, 2019

First United Methodist Church ENews
Sunday, August 11
9:00 One Worship Service
Dear Friend,

Faith is our way of life. Faith is not only trust in God, but faithfully living with love and compassion in our hearts, seeking justice. Faith is not rituals and tradition alone-rather, rituals and traditions point the way to God and can lead us to faith. Faith itself is a way of life. The ways of the world leads us to wealth and worldly measures of success, that are as empty as rituals and traditions that have lost their meaning. Rather, how we worship-what we do-ought to lead us to do justice, practice mercy and compassion, and loving our neighbors as ourselves.

God promises that Abram will have descendants as numerous as the stars. Abram’s faith in this promise is considered to be the basis for his relationship with God (or is counted as righteousness).
Abraham is an example of faith, giving up his homeland and living as a foreigner in a strange land for the sake of a God-given inheritance.

Jesus promises God’s kingdom to those who follow Christ, inviting them to give up temporary, material security and wealth for heavenly security and riches. He encourages them to stay awake and be aware of God’s coming.
Faithful One, we confess that we have at times been faithless. The pursuits of the world have captured our hearts. The promise of safety and security in wealth and worldly possessions is a temptation we fall for. The desire to consume never satisfies us, and we hunger and thirst for the wrong things. Forgive us for our faithlessness, O God. Call us back to Your ways of love and justice. Remind us that You are the Bread of Life, the Wellspring of Living Water. Our treasure is not in worldly possessions and wealth, but in the love we have for one another and You. Call us into the ways of Your reign, Your beloved community, where we can meet the needs of each other, where Your love can satisfy our longing. In the name of Christ, who gave up the ways of this world by laying down his life for us,
we pray. Amen.
9:00am Worship
Music:   The Park Manor Saxophone Quartet :
Julie Hensel
Julianna Karvelius
Chris Prohaska
Josh Kukec
  Ushers:  Gerry Chvatal, LouAnn Chvatal, Jack King,  Ron Lohman Jeff Kaiser
Coffee And…:  

Thurs. 8/8      7:00pm Fusion
Tues. 8/13     10:00am Naomi Circle
Thurs. 8/15     7:00pm Fusion
Mark your calendars…. 
Sunday, August 25
a Panel Presentation with laity from congregation who have gone through the process of becoming a reconciling congregation.
A Q & A time will be available.

We need to pre-order books, must have your money ($12.00) no later than: Sunday, August 18.
We want all to have their books 2 weeks prior to class beginning.
September 15 to October 13 – Christian Formation 8:45 to 9:45am
Rob Bell addresses the concerns of all those who see the Bible as God’s Word but are troubled by the ethical dilemmas, errors,  and inconsistencies in Scripture. With What Is the Bible?, he  recaptures the Good Book’s magic and reaffirms its power and inspiration to shape and inspire our lives today.
More Fun for YOU!
Socializing….relaxing…eating…What’s not to like?!
All you need to do is sign up for these upcoming auction events. Contact Denise Karhoff King at 630-379-6616, Susan Friend at 630-309-0408, or the hosts of either event.
Lunch on the Lido Deck…Sunday, September 8….11:30 a.m.
Hosted by Sandy Wright and Veronica Russell
Enjoy a delicious, professionally-catered lunch on the church patio. Catch up with friends and meet some new folks, too.
Oktoberfest Celebration…Sunday, October 6…high noon
Hosted by the Auction Committee
It is time enjoy a traditional German dinner. Sausages and bratwurst, with all the trimmings! Prost!


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