Enews: Sunday, February 16, 2020

First United Methodist Church ENews
Sunday, February 16
8:00am Worship in the Chapel
8:45am Christian Formation
10:00am in the Sanctuary
Dear Friend,

For Christ, faithful and true spirituality is not about ticking off a few laws in a box of obedience, but is doing the work of the heart, of checking the real impact of who we are and how this works out in what we do and in our relationships.
It is embracing the quest to reflect God’s grace, God’s goodness and God’s integrity that is the heart of this week’s call. Law is easy, and does not transform. Living with a God-formed integrity of heart, speech and action is what truly saves.
Moses offers the people a choice between life and death, challenging them to love and remain faithful to God and God’s commandments, and promising them prosperity and blessing if they do.
Factions among people of faith are a sign of immaturity. Paul calls the Corinthians to be mature and to recognize that those who serve God’s people are equal, and insignificant. It is God’s work in the believer to bring growth that matters.

Continuing the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus teaches that righteousness is not just about following externals, but is about what happens in the heart. He challenges his hearers to true integrity, goodness and compassion with regard to dealing with anger, lust, adultery, divorce and making promises (vows)
God of Compassion and Mercy, the world is broken. You created a garden and we have decimated the earth. You created us to be in community and we have built walls and caged children. You created us to be whole people and we have hurt one another through our words and actions, but most of all through our silence. God, heal us. Help us to mend one another by speaking truth to power and rising up against injustice. Guide us to Your initial intention: to care for the earth, to care for its creatures, to care for each other with mutual respect and love. Help us to live whole lives, where we live into the commandments and judge ourselves, rather than judging others and lifting up our own piety. Grant us Your mercy, and shower us with Your compassion and steadfast love, so we might find healing in You, and love one another. Amen.
10:00am Worship
Music: Fusion
  Ushers: Steve Anderson, Melanie Johnson, Amy Thorpe, Mark Thorpe,  Jeff Kaiser
Coffee And…:  

Thursday, Feb 13
6:30pm Aldersgate Ringers
7:30 Chancel Choir
8:30pm Fusion
Saturday, Feb 15
11:00am ReDefine bowling
Sunday, Feb 16
8:00am Worship in the Chapel
8:45 Christian Formation
10:00am Worship in the Sanctuary
Kids’ Time
Fit First
4:00pm Annual Church Auction!
Wednesday, Feb 19
6:00am Circle of Prayer in the Chapel
noon Circle of Prayer in the Chapel
Thursday, Feb 20
6:30pm Trustees
6:30pm Aldersgate Ringers
7:30 Chancel Choir
8:30pm Fusion
Ash Wednesday Worship Service –
February 26th, 2020 @ 7pm with Faith UMC (we are the host church) Combined Choir.
ReDefine: Join us for a family-friendly, fun-filled hour or two of  bowling!!  Saturday, February 15, starting at 11 am
@ Stardust Bowl  (37 E Lorraine Ave in Addison).  Kids and dates are welcome!


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