Special Enews: Tuesday, March 17, 2020


Comfort, comfort my people! says your God” Isaiah 40:1

Dear Friends,

It is my hope and prayer that you all are in good spirit. There are so many thoughts going through my head as I try to put together this note for you all. As you all know I’m an extrovert, accepting my reality of distancing has not been easy, but so necessary. I realize we are in new territory and our reality is changing constantly and it becoming our new reality.
So, how do we live out our faith in this new reality… that’s the challenge we all have, but it also a great opportunity to do so. Setting time for silence, bible reading, devotional (see link for upper room devotional) https://www.upperroom.org/devotionals.

Please during this is time check on those around us using all resources we have, a phone call, a video call, an email, a message and so on.

God’s comfort is in our midst and available to us all!!!
So, on a call on Saturday, the Executive team of the council suspended all in person activities for our congregation. As we did on Sunday we are now on virtual worship at 10am, remember to follow us on Facebook.

Jennifer and I will be in virtual office. Food Pantry will be on a drive thru basis using the main street door. On Thursday with our regular enews, I will add the new format of our virtual worship so no matter where you are you will be able to join me/us. And this year based on the guidelines for gathering the possibility to not be celebrating Easter on Easter Sunday is very high. So, we will cross that bridge when we are close to April 12th.

Let us pray….
God of Hope, fill us now. We need love, and we need peace, and we need mercy, but most of all, we need hope. We need hope to take one more step, to sing one more note, to listen to one more word. We need hope that guides our faith forward. We need hope that all that has come before us has not been in vain. Restore our hope, O God, in one another. Restore our hope, O God, that this, too, will come to pass. May we become living hope to those in need around us. You are the source of our strength and our being, and in You, we know that You will see us through. Amen.

Please remember I’m available to you by phone, text, email, so reach out if you need to do so.
Keeping you all in my prayers…
God’s blessings,
Pastor Luis

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