Enews: Sunday, August 9, 2020

Dear Friend,

10th Sunday after Pentecost
Living by faith is easier said than done. It’s much easier for us to say we subscribe to a set of core beliefs, and much harder to live those core beliefs and values. We’ve been taught to love our neighbor, but it’s always easier to love those who are similar to us than those who are different. We’ve been taught to feed the hungry and care for the poor, but that’s easier to do so with people whose stories we know, people we think deserve it.
It’s easier to test others to see if they deserve help rather than helping anyone with a need. It’s easier to make justice about punishment than it is to work for restoration. It’s easier to say we believe when everything seems calm, than it is when fear takes over. It is hard to recognize our abundance when the fear of scarcity is palpable

Jacob loves his son Joseph more than his other sons, and gives a Joseph a beautiful robe. But, his brothers become jealous and sell him into slavery.
Becoming right with God is not about the law’s requirements, but about recognizing the nearness of God’s word and responding to it in faith – which is why it is so important that there are those who will take the message to the world.

Jesus walks on water to join the disciples in the boat as they struggle with the storm. Peter asks Jesus to call him to join him, but as he walks toward Jesus he fears and begins to sink. Jesus rescues him, and when they climb back into the boat, the storm dies down.
God of Solitude, help us to find the quiet moments, away from fear, away from worry, away from all the thoughts running through our head. Help us to find that quiet space to focus on You, physically and mentally. Open our minds to the vastness of Your wisdom. Open our hearts to the fullness of Your love. Open our lives to make space for You, to clear out the clutter of the world and to focus our hearts and minds on Your ways, Your life that You have intended for us. Come close to us, drawing us out of the noise of the world and into the quiet peace of Your presence. Amen.

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Please remember our church office is open on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s from 7:30pm to 12noon. On Wednesday we are working remotely…
So friends please remember
1-      Wear a mask when you are in the building at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS!
2-      Schedule your stop at the office with Jennifer, as we are mindful that in all circumstances we will maintain physical distance.
3-      Please know, Jennifer will ask simple questions, such as are you feeling ill, have you been in contact with someone with Covid-19, have you traveled outside Illinois, and your temperature will be checked. We will keep a log with your name and phone number.
4-      For Pastoral Care or Spiritual Direction, please contact directly Pastor Luis, Deacon Ginny or Pastor Bonnie.
5-      And please upon your arrival to the office either use hand sanitizer or wash your hands.
Thank you for your cooperation.


Please note that the Thursday Evening Prayer group for this week – August 6 th canceled.
Beginning on Thursday, August 13th we will on ZOOM . So, please if you want to join Thursday Night Prayer, register by emailing Jennifer ( jennifer@firstumclombard.org ) at the office no later than NOON every Thursday and an email with the log in and password will be sent to you. ZOOM is now requiring you be placed in a waiting room, and you will need a password for safety and security.
Virginia “Ginny” Rainey, Deacon
Minister of Congregational Care


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