Spiritual Formation

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Christian definition of Spiritual Formation is “Your Pursuit of Christ Likeness”

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Reverend Bonnie shares the following with us:

  • Spiritual Formation is a life process
  • The Holy Spirit is always at work within us.  Spiritual Formation is about opening ourselves to the presence of the Spirit within us.
  • I believe in eternal life, about living a life in relationship with God now and throughout eternity.  I believe that spiritual practices are ways in which we are in our relationship with God here and now.  Spiritual formation is regular spiritual practices (both personal communal) is fundamental to life with God.  However, those practices can be as varied as are God’s people.
  • Practices:  Prayer (praying with others, praying the Labryinth, Devotions, Lectio divina, worship, mediation silence, spiritual direction, small groups, retreats, journaling, Bible study with others chant before service, etc…
  • Benefits:
    • Gives us the courage to be the people God created us to be
    • Helps us understand how God is working our lives
    • Gives us courage to walk through the most terrifying experiences in our lives
    • Increases our love and understanding of others
    • Helps us stick with our beliefs when others are trying to move us the wrong way
    • Gives us strength to speak out against the injustices of our world
    • Helps us to forgive ourselves and others
  • When we live ou lives in a relationship with God, then we can talk about God like we would a dear friend or who is truly is – a loved one…

For more information or to set up an appointment to chat, I can be reached at the number and/or email below.  Thank you and God bless you!

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Spiritual Director

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