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Important September Dates

 Mon. 9th – Rachel Circle – 6:30pm –  Parlor – Ellen Wolatz – Hostess

Tues. 10th – Naomi Circle – Lexington Square – 10:00am – Mary Schwartz and Pat Matzek Hostesses

Mon. 23rd – Set up for Rummage Sale – 6:30pm – Fellowship Hall

Tues. 24th – Set up for Rummage Sale – 9:30am – Fellowship Hall

Thurs. 26th – Set up for Rummage Sale – 9:30am – Fellowship Hall

Fri. 27th – Rummage Sale – 9:00am – 5:00pm – Fellowship Hall

Sat. 28th – Rummage Sale 9:00lam – Noon – Fellowship Hall


Important October Dates

Thurs. 3rd – Mission Team – 9:30am – Bethany Room

Thurs. 17th – Unit Meeting – Noon – Salad Bowl Luncheon – Chris Marousek – Program about food pantry and clothes closet

Thurs 31st – Mission Team – 9:30am – Bethany Room

United Methodist Women                                        September 2019


Dear Ladies,

I hope you have your strong, sturdy running shoes on, your sweatpants ready to absorb sweat and your arms flexed and ready to do some heavy work!  Summer is over and our calendar is just bursting with things for United Methodist Women to do. During the fall we gear up for our biggest money making projects as well as host our fall salad bowl luncheon!  Can you feel the burn? Are you excited to begin a new year of activities? You are about to ride a roller coaster of hard work and great rewards!!

At the end of summer we can always count on Rummage Sale being right around the corner!  Set up will be Monday, Sept. 23 at 6:30pm. We need all the help we can get. I am still not up to snuff with my broken back and I am very much aware of our aging population.  If you have friends, or family members who can possibly help, please assure them that they will be very much appreciated and we will have snacks to sustain them during the work!  Our rummage sale room if totally full! I have never seen so many donations before the sale as we have now. This bodes well for a successful sale!!

During the summer Pastor Luis sent me an email about our United Methodist Women.  It stated that the UMW had sent TWO $50,000 donations to the Trevor Project. This is amazing and so thrilling as the United Methodist Women continues to lead our denomination in acts of solidarity with the marginalized, with women and children being the primary focus.  This is especially are LGBTQ teenagers who struggle with their sexual orientation. Unfortunately, our denomination has demonized and demoralized them for 47 years. In a press statement it was stated that the United Methodist Women, the largest denominational, lay women of faith organization in the world, announced it has awarded two grants to work to thwart suicide among LGBTQ youth.  I could not be prouder of the organization I dearly love! This is why we work so long and hard to raise our money. It is to save the lives and add value to the lives of young people who are so troubled! 

Due to health issues and our beautiful ladies who are getting on in years we have decided that it just will not be possible to make our apple / cherry slices this year for the craft show.  Trust me there was a great deal of discussion before the decision was reached. We will have to hope for more donations from the congregation.  

Please keep these loved sisters and brothers in Christ in your prayers. Hans and Jan Elsner, Shirley and Rich Rardin, and Jackie Anderson, who is have heart valve surgery.

 Peace, Joy and Love,

Carol Wixson

Methodist Women Pillow Ministry

32+ folks of all ages meet every other month on a Saturday to make pillows!! See those happy faces working and sharing their time together!


SATURDAY, March 23rd, a great group of people (pictured above) gathered to make 193 pillows!!

Plan to join us for our next Pillow Day – TBD

Our care pillows are available for folks who have had surgery and would like some extra “love” to get them through their recuperation. Pillows are available at the back of the Sanctuary, or ask an Usher to point out the ladies that can get you more pillows.

If you are a hospital, recovery center, etc. please call the church office and leave a message for Carol Wixson, or contact church at MediaRelations@FirstUMCLombard.org.  We will get back to you and supply you with additional pillows.

Please consider donating to the UMW so we can purchase stuffing and fleece.   Thank you for your help and support!

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