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November Dates

Sat. 3 rd – Christmas Mart – Fellowship Hall – 9:00am – 3:00pm
Mon. 12 th – Rachel Circle – Parlor – 6:30pm
Tues. 13 th – Naomi Circle – Parlor – 9:30am – Hostesses- Bonny Matson and Nancy Geiger
Thurs. 22 nd – Thanksgiving Day
Sat. 24 th – Finance Meeting – 9:30am – Bethany Room
Thurs. 29 th – Mission Team – 9:30am – Bethany Room

December Dates
Sun. 2 nd – Advent Potluck – right after 10:00 service – chapel

United Methodist Women                                                                                November 2018

Dear Ladies,

I am sitting here with my cat on my lap, watching the rain and reflecting of the past couple of
days! I am exhausted and yet so thrilled with the work our ladies have done for “missions”. We
have spent multiple hours working to make our Christmas Mart a success, and I think we
accomplished that! I am especially thankful for the ladies who are not members of UMW who
donated their time to help us get all of the work done. You ladies reading this who used to be
working alongside us, you can be certain that you are greatly missed! Over the years we have
averaged nearly the same amount of money and this year is no different. Our total was

Thanksgiving will soon be here and we have countless blessings to lift up to God!
Our next big event is our Advent potluck. I hope that you will be able to join us on Sunday,
December 2nd right after the 10:00 am service for a musical presentation by Fusion. I feel that
one of the best ways to get into the Christmas season if through the gift of music. After the
program we will meet in the chapel and parlor for our dinner. In addition to the shared dishes
from our ladies, our UMW will supply chicken and pasta. Please join us for a relaxing time to
just visit with our church family and perhaps get to know each other a bit better!

Our end of year finance meeting is Saturday, November 24th at 9:30am in the Bethany room.
We will ponder long and hard about the best ways to spend our hard earned money! Please
remember, each one of you is invited to join us for the awesome task. It is rewarding and
heartwarming to see what we have accomplished throughout the year. I hope that our ladies
who are unable to attend all of our functions still find joy in what we do throughout the year.

We had another day of fellowship making our Care Pillows on Sat. November 10th . It is a mission
that will never end; women will always be in need of our comforting support. Take time to read
some of the thank you notes I have hanging in the hall. It will warm your heart and hopefully
the full effects of what we do will make an impact on your life! We have made well over 2000
at this time. 70 pillows were given to the Aurora District and 70 were given to the cancer unit
at Richmond Cancer Center in Virginia. Our love reaches all across the country.

Please keep these loved ones in your prayers; my sister, Marilyn Blake; Jim Michel; Jan and
Hans Elsner; the Shaver and Gleason families; and all the victims of the horrific violence in our

Happy Thanksgiving !

Peace and Love,  

Carol Wixson

Methodist Women Pillow Ministry

32 folks of all ages meet  every other month on a Saturday to make pillows!! See those happy faces working and sharing their pillow-making-1 pillow-making-2time together!!

Last month is amazing group of folks made 200 pillows!

Plan to join us for our next Pillow Day – Nov.  10th at 9am!

Our care pillows are available for folks who have had surgery and would like some extra “love” to get them through their recuperation. Pillows are available at the back of the Sanctuary, or ask an Usher to point out the ladies that can get you more pillows.

If you are a hospital, recovery center, etc. please call the church office and leave a message for Carol Wixson, or contact Carol at UMW@FirstUMCLombard.org.

She will get back to you and supply you with additional pillows.

Please consider donating to the UMW so we can purchase stuffing and fleece.   Thank you for your help and support!





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