Enews: Sunday, December 29, 2019

First United Methodist Church ENews
Sunday, December 29
One Worship Service
10:00am in the Sanctuary
Dear Friend,

The light of God that we see in Jesus now shines in us. And that light is inclusive-inclusive of the poor and the hungry and the marginalized, inclusive of the Gentiles and other outsiders. This light is found in all who do the work of God in this life. As God’s light is revealed to the world, may we reveal that light in our life-in all we do. For our lives are the very witness of the light of God, for it lives in us.
A Psalm of praise for God’s love for God’s people, and God’s deliverance and mercy which carries them.
Through Jesus, who became human, like us, and who was tempted, like us, God has brought us, as Christ’s sisters and brothers, into God’s glory.

Herod slaughters all boys two years and younger after being outwitted by the wise men, but Jesus and his parents, after being warned by God, have already fled to Egypt. After Herod’s death, they return to the land of Israel and settle in Nazareth.
God of Revolution, we have revolved around the earth once again to this day that we mark as the first day, but for You, each day is a first day. Help us to join the revolution of love in this world that works through justice. Call us to care for the poor, to care for the earth you created, to lift up the children of the world. Call us to revolve our thinking when we become narrow minded. Call us to revolve our vision when we turn away from seeing the struggles of people around us. Call us into Your revolution of radical inclusive love, justice, and peace. Amen.
Sunday, January 5 – the Epiphany of the Lord! –
Chapel @ 8am .
Christian Formation at 8:45am “Love Win” Rob Bell’s book.
Worship @ 10am
10:00am Worship
Music Planning Team
 Ushers: Steve Anderson, Steve Flint, Rita Gronemeyer, 
Jeff Kaiser
Coffee And…:  Norma and Pastor Luis

Monday December 30
Women’s Book Group
Tuesday December 31
New Year’s Eve
Wednesday January 1
New Year’s Day!


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