Enews: Sunday, May 31, 2020

Dear Friend,

On this Day of Pentecost, as we are in a different world with covid-19, where do we see the Spirit at work? What gifts are being discovered, or perhaps rediscovered in this time? Long ago, the disciples were gathered together, but they were in a room alone when the Spirit descended upon them.
Even though we are not able to be gathered together, the Spirit is at work among us and within us now, in new ways. Where might God be calling you to trust in the works of the Spirit, and how can we discern, acknowledge, and share in the gifts of the Spirit now?
The believers are filled with the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, and they start to praise God in various languages.
No one can acknowledge Jesus’ lordship without God’s Spirit, and God’s Spirit, given to all of God’s people, gives different gifts to each person for the good of all.
Jesus appears to the disciples in the Upper Room and commissions them, breathing on them and giving them his Spirit, and instructing them that they are sent as he was sent.
Prayer of Brokenness
Almighty God, we confess that we do not use the gifts You have given us. We worry that we will not have enough, and we hoard possessions and wealth. We do not stop to help others because we believe our time is more important. We lift up our own desires above the needs of others and put ourselves first, the exact opposite of what Jesus taught us, to become last of all and servant of all. Forgive us.
Call us into accountability. Remind us of the vast richness of the life You have given us, and that we always have something to give. Help us to learn to set boundaries so we do not run dry, but lead us into a way of life in which we give of what we can, ask for help when we need, and carry each other’s burdens. Help us to build up Your heavenly realm here on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
Please see below what Pastor Luis shared on his Coffee with Pastor Luis on Wednesday, May 27… hope you will enjoyed.
Rev. Carlos Samuel Reyes Rodriguez, Deacon in the Peninsula/Delaware Conference of the United Methodist Church.
His video on “Personal Peace & Wellness”
Link to his script:  Link
Engaging your body in Prayer..


Livestream Worship at 10am
New Ministry Opportunity.
We are seeking volunteers who can assist in video recording and editing for our online worship.
You need to feel comfortable with a camera and “some” basic knowledge of video editing software. Training will be provided. Please contact Pastor Luis for more information.
As we have moved to virtual worship, we can’t forget that bringing our gifts, offering is part of worship. We thank God that we still have the opportunity to do so even in these uncertain times. Please use this link Contribute to continue your contribution or to do a new one, or you can continue mailing your checks. Doing this we continue to bless the ministry we all love and care for.
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