Sunday, June 14, 2020

Dear Friend,

The call to follow Jesus is not an easy one, especially in this covid-19 world that we are in. When we look at the ministry of Jesus, as he sent the disciples to teach, heal, raise the dead, and to go where they would be welcomed and received, we recognize that to follow Jesus is to be sent out.
It is not to remain in one place. Right now, even if we legally can gather to worship in our church buildings, we must heed the call of Jesus and go where we are needed, to do what is needed-and to do our part to keep our neighbors healthy and safe, which may not be in the church building.
We are also called to remember those who are grieving-and grief may be related to death, or loss. Loss of jobs, graduations, postponed weddings, as well as loss of the rituals surrounding death, such as funerals. The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.
God appears to Abraham in the form of three visitors whom Abraham welcomes and serves. And they promise that in a year’s time, Sarah will have a son. But, when Sarah laughs in disbelief, the strangers reaffirm the promise. And then their promise is fulfilled and Sarah gives birth to a son.
God has made us right with God through Christ, given us undeserved privilege, and made it possible for us to grow in strength and endurance through times of trial. In addition, God has given God’s Spirit to fill our hearts.

Jesus notes that the harvest is great but the workers are few, and then he sends his disciples out to share the message of the Gospel with the people of Israel. He instructs them not to take anything with them, but to trust in the hospitality of the people to whom they go. Then he warns them about the rejection and persecution they will endure, but that these moments will be opportunities to speak about Jesus.
Ancient of Days, You led our ancestors away from the land they had known into a promised homeland. You gave two elders, weary from traveling their whole lives, the promise of a future as they offered hospitality to strangers. You fulfilled their hopes through the birth of a child who made them laugh. The stories of old live in us, for their hope lives in us.
Ancient of Days, remind us of the ways our ancestors trusted in You during difficult times of famine and hardship, and how You journeyed with them, as You continue to journey with us. May we learn from their stories through our scriptures and songs, and live into their hope and promise by listening and loving Your commandments and way of life.
 In Your name we pray. Amen.
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Sunday June 14th Dial In for Zoom call Audio only
Phone number : 312-626-6799
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About the “RE- opening” of our Building.
The health team is already at work, in the first 2 hours meeting, the team begin to see a road map to the re-opening. The team is working with the Illinois Public Health guidelines, our Conference guidelines, and other public health related information.
The team is in great hands under Michael “Mike” Thorpe leadership, who is currently the Vice-chair of the council and previously member of the board of trustees where he faithfully served well God and our congregation. As shared during worship last Sunday, see full team membership and task please see below…
Please keep this team in our prayers, as their task is imperative for us to return to public worship and others church activities in our building.

New Ministry Opportunity.
We are seeking volunteers who can assist in video recording and editing for our online worship.
You need to feel comfortable with a camera and “some” basic knowledge of video editing software. Training will be provided. Please contact Pastor Luis for more information.

As we have moved to virtual worship, we can’t forget that bringing our gifts, offering is part of worship. We thank God that we still have the opportunity to do so even in these uncertain times. Please use this link Contribute to continue your contribution or to do a new one, or you can continue mailing your checks. Doing this we continue to bless the ministry we all love and care for.
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