Sunday, June 21, 2020

Dear Friend,

God is present with us, during our hardships, but also during persecution. Being faithful isn’t simply standing up for what we believe, sometimes it is in the living of our very lives. For some, in simply being who they are, just existing, is enough for others to want to kill them.
Right now in the United States, the evil of racism has exposed that for many, black lives do not matter as much as other lives. Jesus knew in his day that those who chose to follow him with their lives might lose their lives.
Choosing the way of Jesus means being in solidarity with all who are marginalized and oppressed. Choosing the way of Jesus is choosing the way of peace through justice. Choosing the way of Jesus is choosing love over fear and hate. As Dr. Ibram X. Kendi said in a recent post, we resist because we love. This is the way of our lives.
Abraham sends Hagar and Ishmael away, but God promises to make Ishmael’s descendants into a great nation. When Hagar and Ishmael find themselves without food and water in the wilderness, God comes to their rescue.
Followers of Christ have died to sin and been raised to a new life in Jesus. Therefore, we are no longer slaves to sin, and death no longer has power over us, but we are alive for God in Christ.

Disciples are not greater than their teacher, and so if the teacher is insulted, the disciples will be even more. But, followers of Jesus must not fear those who can destroy only the body. Rather we must be willing to acknowledge Jesus, proclaim his message publicly and not seek to save our lives. When we seek to save our lives, we lose them. Jesus did not come to bring peace, but conflict, and we are to love Christ more than our own lives
Prayer of Brokenness
Almighty God, we confess to You that sometimes it’s all too much. It’s all too hard. It’s easier to live into the status quo and try to mind our own business, if we could. Some of us can never rest, because our very lives have been a target by those who call us Other.
Some of us can pass by if needed, but our hearts break open at the injustice of the world. All of us are called into accountability with You, O God, in how we live out Your commandments, in how we love one another, in how we pursue justice and practice mercy.
Encourage us and empower us, O God, to risk our comfort and security for the sake of Your children. Stir in our hearts a call to resist evil and to seek justice, so we might make peace here on earth as it is in heaven. In the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who laid down his life for us, we pray. Amen.
It is Communion Sunday, Yes, we are celebrating our Sacrament of Communion on Sunday.
Please make sure you have a piece of bread, grape juice or crackers, water, …
Theological this is not what we should be doing, however we are in uncharted territory and one of the core values is that we “extend the table” this could be one of the explanations of what that means. Communion is one of our means of grace it is not an evangelistic tool, there is nothing written about doing Virtual communion, it is most interpretation of our sacramental theology. Probably this doesn’t make any sense to you, that’s probably a great way to talk about our sacraments.
Now, I will be organizing ZOOM communion service with groups up to 12.
Soon I will be emailing and sharing on our website when those small groups will take place.
Thanks for your understanding,
Pastor Luis
Livestream Worship at 10am
Link to facebooklive
Sunday June 21st Dial In for call Audio only
Phone number : 888.958.7272
Code:  465627244
Link to Open/Print the Order of Prayer Service:
Link to Open Livestream Service: 
New Ministry Opportunity.
We are seeking volunteers who can assist in video recording and editing for our online worship.
You need to feel comfortable with a camera and “some” basic knowledge of video editing software. Training will be provided. Please contact Pastor Luis for more information.
As we have moved to virtual worship, we can’t forget that bringing our gifts, offering is part of worship. We thank God that we still have the opportunity to do so even in these uncertain times. Please use this link Contribute to continue your contribution or to do a new one, or you can continue mailing your checks. Doing this we continue to bless the ministry we all love and care for.
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