Enews: Sunday, August 2, 2020

Dear Friend,

The ways of this world call us to look to our own desires first, our own comforts, preserving our way of life. But God has called us into a way of compassion, where we are moved from within to the needs of this world. We are moved by compassion in our gut that says it isn’t right that some go hungry, that their needs aren’t met. We are moved by compassion to give up the measures of this world-that we have more people in the pews and more money in the offering plate-and instead, turn to the inward transformation.
Especially in this Covid world, how is God transforming our measures? How God transforming our goals? How is God transforming our hearts, so that even our outward selves are transformed to be witnesses of Christ in this world?
Jacob spends the night on the banks of the Jabbok River where he wrestles with a man until dawn. In the fight, Jacob is injured, leaving him with a limp, but he is also blessed and his name is changed to Israel.
Paul expresses his love and concern for his Jewish brothers and sisters, and celebrates the covenants, promises, law – and the Christ – that the Israelites received from God.
Jesus tries to get some time to himself after hearing of John’s death, but the crowds find him, and end up, late in the day, in a remote place and without food. Jesus instructs the disciples to feed them, but they object that they only have few resources. Jesus then feeds the crowds with the disciples’ food, after which baskets of leftovers are gathered up.
Prayer of Brokenness
God of Everlasting Change, we confess that we are stubborn. We don’t like change. We want things to stay as they once were. Like the people of the Exodus, O God, sometimes we remember only the good things of the past and forget the horrors that You have helped us to leave behind.
Like the people of the Exile, O God, sometimes we have grown comfortable with the status quo instead of remembering that You have called us into liberation. Transform our hearts, O God. Open us to listen for Your Wisdom. Help us to know Your transformative love. Guide us to move into Your ways of compassion, justice, healing, and hope.
In the name of Christ, who calls us all into resurrection, into new life now and forever, we pray. Amen.

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By the end of Thursday, July 30th, there will be an email in your inboxes. The Health Team needs your help so the survey will provide information related to your opinion about re-opening for in Person Worship. It is a simple survey, so let your voice and opinion be counted.
Please we need your responses by Tuesday, August 4th. Thanks for prompt response.
Please note that the Thursday Evening Prayer group for this week, July 30, is canceled.
It will be transitioning into a Zoom meeting in the near future. No start date has been set.
I will be working with Pastor Luis regarding the transition and will update you all once things are in place.
Virginia “Ginny” Rainey, Deacon
Minister of Congregational Care


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