Enews: Sunday, July 12, 2020

Dear Friend,

Where are your roots? What grounds you in times of uncertainty and fear? What sort of foundation are you, what sort of soil to bear fruit, as in the parable Jesus taught? We live in the most uncertain, trying of times, with Covid-19, which the continued struggle against white supremacy and for racial justice.
Where is our consolation, our assurance? We find it in Christ, who reminds us to focus on how we can bear good fruit in trying times. How can we receive the word, understand it, and turn around to increase its yield?
As the rain and snow water the earth and let it bring forth food, so God’s word accomplishes that which it is sent out to do – liberation and restoration for God’s people.
 In Jesus we have access to God’s life-giving Spirit who frees us from the power of sin that brings death.
Jesus sits in a boat and teaches the crowds through parables – in this instance, the parable of the seed that falls on different kinds of ground and produces different results.
God of the Ancient Ones, God of our ancestors, God who knows humanity: help us to persevere in these trying times. Help us to remember that all things change in season, and this is a long season, but it will pass.
These difficult times will come to an end. For now, O Spirit of Life, help us to breathe deeply into Your love, into Your peace, into Your call for justice. May we know Your presence is with us, now and always. Amen.
Scott, Jessica & Spencer Farewell Service  
After 6-year ministering among, the Hotalings are moving back home “Kansas”. Scott joined us as Director of Youth Ministry and indeed planted seeds of hope and possibility in the minds of our young ones. His position transitioned to the current one as Director of Christian Formation caring for the youngest ones up to the “wiser” ones. There was a year in transition where the last class of youth graduated, and we experienced a boom in young families with younger children.  There it was – an opportunity to rebuild. The seeds were planted, and we will see the fruits in due time.
Thank YOU, Scott, Jessica, and Spencer, for sharing with us the best of you all, your gifts for ministry.
My prayer goes with you. And Yes, I will be missing you all. Blessings.
So, please join us on Sunday @ 10, please make sure you have the order of worship with you.


Link to facebooklive
Join us for Evening Prayer tonight.  This will be Scott’s last week, and so he will co-host with Deacon Ginny, through the magic of technology. As usual, there will be prayers, Scripture, a reading, and more.

Order of Prayer Service

Link to Open Livestream Service: 
ZOOM Communion Times (this will be 30 minutes reflection time with communion)
Tuesday, July 14 @ 10:30am & 7:00pm
Wednesday, July 15 @ 10:00am & 8:30pm
Friday, July 17 @7:00am
Saturday, July 18 @ 8:30am.
Please RSVP by emailing Jennifer@firstumclombard.org. or calling the office dial extension 301 and leave message for Jennifer – this will be first come first serve and once we have 12 devices, we will close that time slot. Once the list is complete you will receive an email with the log in information.
Pastor Luis Time off for medical reason.
Pastor will NOT be available from July 20 to 24 of July. For office related matters, please check with Jennifer- For any emergency related to Pastoral Care, Deacon Ginny & Pastor Bonnie will be available.


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