eNews – Sunday, August 16, 2020

Dear Friend,

11th Sunday after Pentecost
Faithfulness is about aligning our actions and words with what we believe. All too often, we say we follow the commandments, but fail to live out the commitment to love our neighbor beyond lip service. If we say we want peace, we must work for justice, rather than simply condemning violence. If we desire mercy, we must practice mercy.
If we believe that all are made in the image of God and are children of God, then we must dismantle racism. To be faithful means we must do the work that Christ has called us to do, the examples that Christ showed us, rather than simply stating we believe.

Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers and forgives them, explaining that it was God who had sent him to Egypt to save them and others from the famine. Then he instructs them to bring his father to Egypt to be with him.
God calls God’s people to justice and fairness because God promises to come to them and bring not just God’s people, but also the foreigners and outcasts, to worship and to be blessed by God on God’s mountain.

God has not abandoned Israel, but offers God’s mercy to all – both Jew and Gentile.
Jesus explains that it is not what we eat that defiles us but the evil that is in our hearts. Then he is approached by a Canaanite woman who convinces him, in spite of his initial reluctance, to heal her daughter who is being tormented by a demon.
Gathering God, draw us into Your fold. Call to us when we go astray, so we can turn back to Your ways. Call to us when we feel alone or lost, so that we might hear Your voice and know that You are with us. Draw us in by the Spirit, that we may remember we are one in You, that we are stronger together when we work for justice. Draw us in by Your love, that we may remember to have deep compassion for one another, to break open our hearts and love one another. Gather us together, for we are one people, Your children. We have one planet that You have made for us, and we have one future, if we choose to live: to care for the earth, to care for each other’s needs, to help gather Your beloved community on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.

Prayer with Deacon Ginny
Due to unexpected circumstances, Prayers with Deacon Ginny will resume next Thursday, August 20th. Our apologies for the inconveniences.
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Please remember our church office is open on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s from 7:30pm to 12noon. On Wednesday we are working remotely…
So friends please remember
1-      Wear a mask when you are in the building at all times. NO EXEPTIONS!
2-      Schedule your stop at the office with, Jennifer, as we are mindful that in all circumstances we will maintain physical distance.
3-      Please know, Jennifer will ask simple questions, such as are you feeling ill, have you been in contact with someone with Covid-19, have you travelled outside Illinois, and your temperature will be checked. We will keep a log with your name and phone number.
4-      For Pastoral Care or Spiritual Direction, please contact directly Pastor Luis, Deacon Ginny or Pastor Bonnie.
5-      And please upon your arrival to the office either use hand sanitizer or wash your hands.
Thank you for your cooperation. 


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