Enews: Sunday, August 30, 2020


Dear Friend,

13th Sunday after Pentecost
Summer 2020 Worship with Bishop Sally Dyck & NIC Cabinet
The seeds God has planted in us are always ready to break forth, no matter the season. There is always time to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. You always have possibility dwelling within you.
Know that your mistakes, your shortcomings, your hesitations are forgiven. Just strive to do better. Love more, forgive more, show mercy more, give grace more, for our God is abundant in love that encompasses us all

Isaiah proclaims the coming of the “shoot from the stump of Jesse” who, through God’s Spirit resting on him, will bring peace, justice, righteousness, and equity to the earth.
The apostle encourages the Ephesian believers to recognize that their struggle is not against human beings, but against spiritual forces of evil, and in order to stay strong they need to put on God’s armor and remain faithful in prayer. Then he asks them to pray for him as he seeks to spread the Gospel.
We thank you, O God, for bearers of hope and peace
in all times and all places:
for those who govern,
when they set things right for the poor, meek and needy;
for anointed prophets, who speak and act in your spirit-
in wisdom, understanding, and equity.
And we thank you for reminders, gentle or urgent,
that we, too, should be agents of harmony, reconciliation, peace, justice, and righteousness.
Make us advocates of your vision for the world. Amen.

Prayer with Deacon Ginny resuming tonight at 8:30pm. And it will continue using the ZOOM meeting format every Thursday. It is important that you register no later than 11:30am., by email to the office. A log with meeting ID and password will be emailed to you, so you can enter the meeting.

Evening Prayer bulletin for Thursday, August 27

Link to facebooklive
Please make sure that on Sunday, September 6th  you have bread/crackers and grape juice or ….
As we will be celebrating Holy Communion online.
For the last couple years, we have partner with Pleasant Hill School (not far from our building) as part of our collaboration with Kids Hope USA. I have no doubt that kid lives have change because of the caring mentors who share their time with kids looking for a positive outcome in life. Denise Karhoff King have done an incredible job as our program director. But here is the deal, even more so today, mentors are need it and you can do it remotely or other ways that NOT required in person sections.
As the school goes e-learning, we will have room at the end of the instructional time to connect the student. And here is the call… if you think this will be a good opportunity for share your gifts, please contact Pastor Luis.


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