Enews: Sunday, September 13, 2020

Dear Friends:

A note to offer our apologies for the technical difficulties we experienced last night for “Coffee Chat” with Pastor Luis.  That is how it is with technology. Sometimes the unexpected happens. We are sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused. The video is uploaded and is on our Facebook page if you are interested in watching. Blessings!      

15th Sunday after Pentecost


Too often, forgiveness has been used to abuse others, that victims must forgive their assailants, giving them a clean slate. Instead, Jesus teaches us that we ask for forgiveness as we forgive others. This is about forgiving others who do the same things we still do. The word “debt” instead of sin may be more helpful here, especially in interpreting Jesus’ parable. We cannot hold others to a higher standard than ourselves. Forgiveness is a process, and we begin to forgive, but must continue to work on forgiving as we continue to work on transforming our lives through repentance and reconciliation with Christ.




Exodus 14:19-31Moses stretches his hands over the sea and it opens a path for the Israelites to walk on dry ground. Then, as the sun rises and all the people have crossed, he stretches his hands over the sea again, and the waters return to their place, drowning the armies of Egypt.


Genesis 50:15-21

When Jacob dies, Joseph’s brothers, afraid that he might now exact retribution from them, tell him that Jacob asked him to forgive them. Joseph, weeping, assures them that he does not hold their actions against them, and that God brought good out of their sinful acts.
Psalm 114A celebration of the earth’s response to God’s mighty acts, and a call for the earth to tremble before God.
Romans 14:1-12

Each believer works out how faith is to be lived for themselves and must decide between them and God how to practice their faith. Therefore, as people of faith we are not to judge one another, but to celebrate each one’s commitment to living out their faith before God.


Matthew 18:21-35

 Jesus tells a story about a man who is forgiven a huge debt, but then refuses a small debt which is owed to him. When the master, to whom he owed his debt, hears about it, he is angry that the man did not show others the same mercy he received, and he instructs that the man be imprisoned until he has paid back his debt in full. Prayer of BrokennessForgiving God, we confess that we struggle to forgive one another. We resist forgiveness, for holding a grudge seems easier. Vengeance is more tempting. However, You have forgiven us, and called us into the hard work of forgiving those who sin against us, in the ways we still sin against one another.Help us to hold ourselves accountable, to do right where we can, and to make the initial steps in seeking forgiveness and forgiving others. Help us to know we are not alone, and grant us the wisdom to know the resources that can help us in this journey. In the name of Christ, who forgives us all, we pray. Amen.

Please join us for Worship Sunday as we will send forth Dennis Subach and thank him for his years of service.

Order of Worship for Sunday September 13

 NEW TIME- 7:30PMPrayer with Deacon Ginny tonight at 7:30pm. And it will continue using the ZOOM meeting format every Thursday. It is important that you register no later than 11:30am., by email to the office. A log with meeting ID and password will be email you, so you can enter the meeting.

Evening Prayer bulletin for Thursday, September 10

Link to Facebooklive https://www.facebook.com/FirstUMCLombard.org/live/

There are still slots available for the Annual Oktoberfest Lunch on Sunday, September 20. The format is changed but the same tasty meal will be provided. In light of our group size and other considerations, we need to do as other food providers are doing: provide carry out dinners. They will be available between 11:30 and noon.

If you’d like to sign up for the feast, please call or email Susan Friend (lernakid@aol.com) no later than September 12. Pickup details will be provided when you sign up.  $25/person is the price


Alex Teater- Director of Technical Production

A warm welcome to Alex as the newest member of our church staff! Alex will take over his wings in our Online Worship Experience and will be in charge of all the technical work in that area. Norman Reyes is thrilled to pass this job to someone willing to take it to the next level. Alex has experience in video editing and is proficient with all that is required to make sure the work is done and done well. Our Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee voted unanimously for Alex to begin this new chapter with us. For those of you familiar with Randy/Karen King, Alex is their son-in-law.

Here more information about Alex…Alex Teater is a middle school band director who just began his 10th year teaching music. This will be his 7th year at Emerson Middle School in Park Ridge, Il, where he directs the Emerson Cadet Band and Concert Band, as well as the 5th Grade Beginning Band. He holds a Bachelor’s of Music Education from Illinois State University and a Master of Music Education degree from the University of Illinois. Alex is the drummer for our church’s praise band Fusion, and also gigs irregularly as a saxophonist with the rock band Bob Bradish and The Backstabbers from Ottawa, IL.

 Instagram: https://instagram.com/fumclombard?igshid=esjbtrbrsw1o  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FirstUMCLombard.org/

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