Enews: Sunday, September 27, 2020

Dear Friend:
17th Sunday after Pentecost

Far too often, our human instinct is one of self-preservation. Our intentions work toward our survival at the cost of others. But God intends something different. The leaders in Jesus’ day intended to keep order the way they knew best, considering tax collectors and sex worker’s sinners and outcasts.
However, they came to John, because John called everyone to repent, including the religious leaders. John told everyone they had an opportunity for new life with God. Jesus continued that ministry, but outside of the bounds of the religious leaders. They could not see the goodness of God at work because it did not follow their traditions and rules.

Though the people of Israel complain about God’s ways, God indicates that it is their ways that cause them trouble and death. Yet, God claims all people as God’s own, and exhorts the people to turn from their wicked ways to God’s righteous ways so that they may live.
A teaching psalm reminding God’s people of all that God has done, bringing God’s people out of Egypt, leading with a pillar of fire by night and cloud by day, and splitting open the rock to give them water to drink.

The apostle encourages the Philippian Christians to be united and to be like Christ in their humility, service and self-sacrifice, quoting the ancient hymn of the Church. He reminds them that they are to live out their salvation, trusting God who gives them the will and the power to do it.
The religious leaders question Jesus’ authority, but Jesus refuses to answer them because they can’t answer his question about John’s authority. Then he tells them a parable about two sons whose father asks them to work in the vineyard. One says no, but then does, and the other says yes, but doesn’t. Jesus explains that like this, religious people are missing out on the kingdom, while outcasts are finding their way in.
Loving God, You call us by name. You know our hearts, our inmost thoughts. Your desire for us is to love You and to love one another as we love ourselves. It is such a simple calling, a simple commandment, and yet, we fail to live it out. Guide us in our lives to the ways of Your love. In this quickdraw world, help us to be slow to anger.
In a world of violence and fear, may we live into Your ways of peace and hope. May we transform fear into awe. Help us to ponder Your teachings to our ancestors with wisdom and understanding and live our lives in ways that are an example to others. Wisdom from on high, guide us in our daily lives. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.


Prayer with Deacon Ginny tonight at 7:30pm . And it will continue using the ZOOM meeting format every Thursday. It is important that you register no later than 11:30am., by email to the office on Thursdays or after contacting directly Deacon Ginny at deaconginny@firstumclombard.org . A log in with meeting ID and password will be emailed to you, so you can enter the meeting.

Evening Prayer bulletin for Thursday, September 24

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Please note that on Thursdays along with musical rehearsals, ALL MUSICAL pieces and parts of the Sunday’s Worship service will be recorded. 6:00pm to 9:00pm.
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Sunday, October 4 – World Communion Sunday
Please make sure that  this you have bread/crackers and grape juice or …. As we will be celebrating Holy Communion online.



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