Enews: Sunday, October 25, 2020

Dear Friend,

God made a promise to Abraham and Sarah and continued to fulfill it  
through the children of Jacob. God continued to fulfill the promise through Moses, leading the people to the land they had dreamed of, and then anointing Joshua to carry on after Moses’ death. God continued to fulfill the promise through David and Solomon.
For us, we believe the fulfillment of God’s promises is found in Jesus Christ, and lives in us. God’s steadfast love endures forever. God’s promises are contained in the commandments to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves. This is the fulfillment of the covenant for us: to love one another.


Moses climbs Mount Nebo and views the whole of the promised land. Then he dies, but no one knows where his grave is. After the thirty-day mourning period, Joshua takes over as leader of the Israelites.
A prayer accredited to Moses, praising God for God’s greatness, God’s help for God’s people and God’s calling of the people to turn back to God. Also a plea for God’s kindness to be with God’s people and for God to sustain their work.
A description of the faithful ministry of the apostles among the Thessalonians, in spite of persecution – a ministry approved by God, free from impure motives or boasting, not seeking special treatment, but caring and gentle.
Jesus is asked what the greatest commandment is, and he replies that it is to love God with everything and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Then he asks whose son the Messiah is. When the religious leaders reply that he is David’s son, Jesus asks why David refers to the Messiah as “Lord” – and no one is able to give an answer.

Prayer of Brokenness
Holy One, we confess that we have failed to remember Your covenant with us. We turn from Your ways to the ways of this world we created, seeking selfish gain. We forget to love our neighbors and simply tolerate them, if that. We complain and argue and are bitter. We at times fail to believe that You are still at work in our world. Forgive us for our faithlessness.
Forgive us for not trusting in You. Forgive us for not living into Your ways of love, and loving our neighbors as ourselves. Call us back into repentance, into Your way, Your truth, and Your life for us, in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

All Saints Sunday – Sunday, November 1 st
We will remember the saints during worship, please email Jennifer, names and  picture of those who died since Nov. 4, 2019. Please email by Tuesday, October 20. Thanks.

Wednesday, October 28 – Church Conference
Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee Meeting with
Jeffry Bross, Aurora District Superintendent on ZOOM @ 6pm
NO- Coffee Chat with Pastor Luis due to Church Conference
Church Conference on ZOOM @ 7pm


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