Enews: Sunday, October 4, 2020

Dear Friend,

18th Sunday after Pentecost

In Exodus, Moses presents the Hebrew people with the ten commandments, and they respond in fear. Even Paul, who walked blamelessly under the law, persecuted the church until he recognized who he was actually persecuting. In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus tells a parable about slaves killing the master’s son, as a way of foretelling his own rejection and condemnation by God’s people. And yet, the heavens continue to proclaim God’s glory, working together in all of creation’s majesty to continually proclaim God’s handiwork.

God speaks God’s commandments to the people of Israel who are terrified by the thunder, lightning, smoke and trumpet sounds. They ask Moses to speak to God on their behalf, because of their fear, but Moses reassures them that God is simply keeping the people in awe so they don’t sin.
Paul, who has good reason for confidence under the law because of his upbringing and observance, values only the righteousness which he has received through Christ, and through which he knows the power of Christ’s resurrection and participates in Christ’s sufferings.
Jesus tells a story about a farmer who cultivates a vineyard and then rents it to tenant farmers, who, instead of giving the farmer his share of the fruit when it’s due, kills his servants and then the farmer’s son. In this way, he explains, God’s reign is being given to those who will produce fruit.
Creator God, we have distorted Your image in us. We have disrupted Your intention for us. We have taken advantage of the vulnerable and marginalized instead of caring for these as You have called us to do. We have failed to live into Your commandments.
We have not listened to Your call on our lives. Forgive us. Call us into the difficult work of reparation and restoration. Guide us into the ways of healing justice and mercy. Wisdom on High, breathe in us Your truth, and may we understand Your intentions for us. May we live into Your intention of love and life for all. Amen.
On Sunday, Oct. 4 at the Christina Formation hour participants will be engage in conversation and discussion on Dr. Robin DiAngelo “Deconstructing White Privilege” video. This resource is provided by the United Methodist General Commission on Religion & Race for the Vital Conversation Series. Please contact Nicole Putong at  Worship@firstumclombard.org  for the ZOOM invite and passcode.
Pastor Luis and Pastor Bonnie strongly recommend everyone to watch it.
Christian Formation hour is at 8:45am on Sunday on ZOOM
Sunday, October 4 – World Communion Sunday
Please make sure that  this you have bread/crackers and grape juice or …. As we will be celebrating Holy Communion online.
Please note that on Thursdays along with musical rehearsals, ALL MUSICAL pieces and parts of the Sunday’s Worship service will be recorded. 6:00pm to 9:00pm.
Christian Formation Hour  – 8:45am to 9:55am
If you need more information regardless of topic and ZOOM log in information, please contact Nicole Putong at  Worship@firstumclombard.org .
Children’s Hour –  9:15am to 9:55am
Our children ministries moved from Saturday’s morning to Sunday morning, please for ZOOM log in and other children ministries related activities please contact Chris Smith Kozlowski at  chris@firstumclombard.org .
Online Worship Service  @ 10am.
Please email Jennifer with any of your Prayer Requests.  Thank you!


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