Enews – Christmas Eve 2020

Dear Friend,

The nativity is an unexpected event. No matter how much one prepares for the birth of a child, one cannot predict what will happen or when exactly the baby will come. Mary and Joseph knew that the child they would have was holy, but they did not expect strangers to come in the middle of the night to see the newborn king. Every year, we come to this day knowing what will happen, and yet we wait for Christ to enter our world and lives again in an unexpected way, at an unexpected hour.


God offers a sign of God’s grace and protection to the King and people of Judah – in the darkness light shines, and the birth of child is the sign of new life and of God’s righteous kingdom to be established.


Through Christ God’s grace has appeared and God has enabled us to live lives of goodness.

Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem for the Emperor’s census, and while there Mary gives birth to her son. Shepherds are told by angels about the birth and find the place where the holy family is to be found, telling the story of what they have been told about the child.


O come to us, abide with us, our Lord, Emmanuel! God with us, You came to us long ago as a helpless babe, as one in need of human love and care. You taught us how to love and care for one another. Help us to hold on to childlike wonder, amazement, and love, and help us to love one another all year long. Guide our feet into the way of peace, as only the Prince of Peace can lead us, by laying down our lives for one another and serving one another. In the name of Christ, Emmanuel, God with Us, we pray. Amen.
Christmas Eve Virtual Worship
Premier @ 4:30-pm on our Facebook page
(please make sure you have communion elements ready- bread, crackers, grape juice, water…)
And have candles available as well (real or battery-operated)
Christmas Eve @ 11:00pm in the church Patio-
standing only, weather permitting, mask on, socially distancing, bring your own candle
Wishing all a blessed Christmas!

Order of Worship for Christmas Eve Service


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