Enews: Sunday, December 20, 2020

Dear Friend,


God is the fulfiller of promises-the promises of old, and the promises to us. God’s promises are not often fulfilled how we would expect, or when we would expect-but God remains faithful. For the early Christians, they saw the fulfillment of God’s promises to David and his kingdom through Jesus, reigning of the kingdom of God on earth.
Our Jewish siblings have other interpretations of how God’s promises are fulfilled, but our stories teach all of us that God remains faithful, even when we do not, even when we forget and fall away.
For God is love; God’s steadfast love endures forever.

God, through the prophet Nathan, declares God’s promise to David that he will establish his kingdom forever, will give him peace from his enemies, and will establish a nation for God’s people.

Paul celebrates the God who has fulfilled prophecy and has made known the Good News about Jesus so that Gentiles might believe.

Mary’s Magnificat, celebrating God’s grace and justice, and the way God has fulfilled God’s promise to the ancestors of God’s people, raising up the lowly, and bringing down the powerful.

God of the Turning, we approach this Solstice, this point when the northern hemisphere is wrapped in cold and dark, and the southern hemisphere in warmth and light, we know that things will change.
In this year of Covid, we turn into a new year with hope for vaccines and life to flourish again.
We turn to a new year with hope that we have learned lessons about our need to care for others, to do our part to mitigate risk, to recognize how fragile our systems are as people struggle. We turn to Your light, to a renewal of living into Your ways, and seek the light in the world and the people around us, as well as within.
Light of the World, shine through us in new ways. Amen.
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 Thursday, December 24th – Premier @ 4:30-pm on our Facebook page
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standing only; weather permit; mask on and distancing from one another!!!

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