Enews: Sunday, December 27, 2020

Dear Friend,


Our Scripture passages show us that God’s promises can be trusted, even though we are still waiting for the fulfillment of all things. Our role is to continue revealing Christ to the world, continue to share the Good News of the promise of redemption and the hope of salvation through Jesus the Christ, and to trust that God will bring all things to fulfillment, as our ancestors in the faith trusted God, and as all of creation is in tune with God’s desire to continue to bring forth new life, and eternal life.

God will show all nations God’s justice, and Zion will be saved and will blaze with God’s glory.
At the right time God sent God’s son to become human, born of a woman, and now God has given us God’s Spirit by which we can know intimacy with God as with a parent.

Mary and Joseph go to the temple to dedicate Jesus, and Simeon prophecies that this boy is the awaited Christ, and that a sword would pierce Mary’s soul. Then the widow Anna comes along and begins to praise God and tell others about the boy.


God of Light, You brought forth light as Your first act of creation. You brought forth light and darkness did not overcome it and You brought forth light in the form of Your Son, Jesus the Christ, who continues to shine the light of hope in a world of darkness and despair. You have called us to shine with Your light, and You have called us to bring Your light to the world.
As we prepare for this New Year, help us to shine Your light more brilliantly and bright in our lives. Call us into the ways of Your Son’s love, peace, mercy and justice, so that we might share the light of hope with this world in this New Year. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.
Sunday January 3, 2021
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