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Dear Friend,


It is Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday. We do well to remember not only Dr. King’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech, but also his “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” and countless other letters and sermons. Like Jesus in Luke 4, often “some” Christians want to hear what Dr. King had to say when it is easy. When it is hard, “some” Christians tend to dismiss or ignore his teachings. Like the prophets before him, Dr. King called out for justice-which is good news for the poor, marginalized and oppressed, but not so good for those in power. Prophets have honor except in their hometown-or when they speak truth to power.


The boy Samuel, who has been placed in Eli’s care to serve God, hears God speak as he prepares to sleep, but doesn’t recognize the voice. Then Eli instructs him how to answer, and, after Samuel responds to God’s call, God speaks a prophecy over Eli’s family.

Jesus calls Philip to follow him, and Philip calls Nathaniel, who is, at first, uncertain. When Jesus sees him he affirms him, and Nathaniel is won over. Jesus assures him that he will see heaven open and God’s angels ascending and descending on Christ.

Prayer of Brokenness
God of Justice and Mercy, we confess that privilege allows us to not recognize the plight of those around us. We confess that the assumptions we have from our experiences shade how we view the struggles of others. We judge based on what we know, instead of learning from others views and understandings. Forgive us when we unintentionally cause harm by our assumptions and fail to recognize the ways others are oppressed by our actions, words, and most importantly, by our silent indifference. Call us into repentance and accountability. Help us to listen to the prophets of old as well as the prophets among us today. Guide us into thoughtful action to change our ways and dismantle the systems of oppression that we live in. In Jesus’ name, who lived and died for us, and lives again, breaking the chains of sin and death, we pray. Amen.

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Dear Church Family,
On Tuesday, January 19 from 4:00 – 5:30 p.m. our Church is delivering approximately 60 frozen dinners and packaged food items and beverages to homeless individuals who are temporarily being housed at the Red Roof Inn, 1113 Butterfield Rd., Downers Grove, IL 60515. We are in need of six volunteers to join Pat and Tom for this service opportunity.
To make this food giving opportunity successful, volunteers are asked to come to the Food Pantry at the Church at 2:30 p.m. to help assemble bags of food for us to deliver at the Red Roof Inn promptly at 4:00 p.m. Please park in the lower parking lot and enter the front doors closest to the Food Pantry. Once we arrive at the Red Roof Inn, an on-site DuPage Pads Staff member will confirm a list of room numbers and meal quantities for us to deliver door-to-door following best social distancing practices including wearing masks.
All volunteers must be sure to complete an online volunteer profile and are required to complete a background check.
Here are three simple steps:
1)      Complete a volunteer profile by filling out an online form at https://volunteer.dupagepads.org/ Be sure to keep track of your login and password information.
2)      Once you complete the profile you want to be sure that you are connected to
First United Methodist Church: https://volunteer.dupagepads.org/user/joinGroup/?group=cEW4S%2BCivplwCLvpv9Ef3yjPiYCNtZOppcPFkqlMKFQ4LYvaLlMvGKeY2M3VLq5gzC%2BcjchoQmcZ%2BccFvejLIA%3D%3D
3)      The last step is to complete a background check. Click on this link and fill in the online questions. The program asks for money but do not feel obligated to donate. Please complete this step as soon as possible because it may take a couple of days for processing.
Please, if you are having difficulty completing any of the above steps, contact Josie Mattern, DuPage Pads at
630-682-3846, x3500. She’ll help you get set-up.
Tom and I feel so incredibly blessed by the generosity and support our Church has provided to the homeless here in DuPage County. Thank you once again for your help during these difficult and challenging times.  Pat: 630.2047.3448 /  tpnkprice@comcast.net
Tom:  847-800-6130 / tpnkprice@comcast.net
Take care,
Pat & Tom Price
Lay Servants, First UMC of Lombard


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