Enews: Sunday, February 14, 2021

Dear Friend,


Once again Epiphany closes with the Transfiguration of Jesus – the turning point, the final affirmation, before Jesus set his sights on Jerusalem and the coming confrontation and sacrifice. The challenge is for us to learn to recognize God’s glory – in Christ, but also in all people and all things. It is this capacity for glory that can make a massive change to how we live in the world, and then through us, make a change to the world itself.
May God’s glory fill our eyes, our hearts and our lives as we worship….


Elisha prepares for his time to leave the earth (since he never dies in the Scriptural account) and Elisha refuses to be separated from him. Then, when Elijah asks Elisha what he wants before he leaves, Elisha asks for twice Elijah’s spirit. Elijah tells him that he will receive it if he sees Elijah being taken away. Then, Elijah is caught up in a wind and carried away, but Elisha sees and grieves the departure of his master.

Jesus takes Peter, James and John up a mountain where they see Jesus transfigured into a radiant white, and Moses and Elijah appearing and talking to Jesus. Then they hear God’s voice of affirmation and then all is back to normal. Then Jesus instructs them not to tell anyone until after he is raised.

God of Steadfast Love and Mercy, help us to pull back the veil to notice how You are at work in our lives and in the world around us. Help us to find Your secret notes for us in the turning leaves and new buds and shoots. Guide us to find Your hidden messages in the snow prints of Your creatures and the dripping icicles.
Lead us to the knowledge of Your love in the care and compassion of our neighbors and friends, and help us to share Your love messages with others in our own acts of mercy and forgiveness.
You are at work, in us and through us and around us; help us to reveal Your works to the world. Amen.

Ash Wednesday Service includes Holy Communion.  If you are not able to pick the communion elements and ashes on Wednesday between 5pm to 6:15pm, please make sure you have bread and or crackers, grape juice or water, and or…. (please stay away from soda drinks…)

Help us staying connected through our prayer….
Please email Jennifer with any of your Prayer Requests, including joys & concerns. Thank you!
Please, as you see Church Members added to the prayer list, shower them with cards!!

Black History Month
Tuesday, February 16 th
Confirmation Hour @ 3:30pm
Nominations & Leadership Development @6:30pm
Wednesday, February 17 th
Ash Wednesday Service @ 7pm Online
Drive thru at the Maple St. Parking Lot
to pick up Ashes & Communion from 5:00pm to 6:15pm
Thursday, February 18 th
Music Rehearsals & Video Recording
Sunday, February 21 st – First Sunday in Lent
Christian Formation Hour on ZOOM at 8:45am – “What is the Bible”
Children’s Hour on ZOOM at 9:15am
Worship Online at 10:00am-
Fellowship Hour- 11:15am on ZOOM
Please check with Alex at Alex@firstumclombard.org if you don’t have your zoom invite and password
Link to facebooklive


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