Enews: Sunday, April 18, 2021

Third Sunday of Easter

       Online & In –Person Worship Celebration 10:00AM

 The resurrection is more than just a past event or a ticket to life after death. It is a lived reality that has the potential to change us and our world, if we can only believe, open to the change it brings, and proclaim its life-giving power through our lives. This is the message of this and it is both joyful and challenging. The call to be

witnesses to Christ is one of the most transforming messages we can receive, because it requires us to live, speak, think, and act like Christ.

May the message and mission of Christ fill us and send us out as agents of God’s grace, justice, and love.




Acts 3:12-19:

Immediately after the healing of the lame man, Peter addresses the crowds, explaining that the power to heal the man came from the same Jesus that they had crucified. Peter then calls the people to turn back to God.




Luke 24:36b-48

Jesus appears to the disciples, showing them his hands and feet, and eating a piece of bread to prove that he is not a ghost. Then he shows them how he has fulfilled the Scriptures, and he calls them to proclaim repentance and faith in Christ as his witnesses.





God of Holy Wisdom, guide us in this season of Easter to proclaim Your Good News in all we do, as well as what we say. Lead us in the ways of Your loving-kindness. Remind us to ponder the scriptures and reflect on Your teaching. Open our hearts to receive what You have to share with us. Show us how to live into Your ways of justice and mercy. May Your wisdom be apparent in our lives, living into the Gospel as a way of life, rather than simply what we preach. Spirit of Wisdom, remain in us, now and always. Amen.



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Registration closes at noon tomorrow


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Order of Worship for Sunday, April 18

News from the Health Team….

Up 12person max can gather in the Chapel for meetings, following the applicable restrictions… socially distancing, mask on, checking in, etc…

You need to request the space from the office. Per our cleaning crew, only Mondays & Wednesday’s are available.

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Tuesday, April 20th  

Nomination & Leadership Development – 6:30pm on ZOOM

Registration for Sunday, April 25th – In-person Worship Opens.

Thursday, April 22nd  

 Ministries of Music Rehearsal & Video Recording       

Friday, April 23rd  

In-Person Registration Closes at NOON

Sunday, April 25th – Fourth Sunday of Easter 

Christian Formation Hour on ZOOM – 8:30am

Children’s Hour on ZOOM at 9:15am

Fellowship Hour- 11:15am on ZOOM


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