Sunday, May 16, 2021

Ascension Sunday/Seventh Sunday of Easter

Online & In-Person Worship Celebration – 10:00 in the morning


Order of Worship for Sunday, May 16

Link to Facebook Live

Ascension Day begins a period of waiting for the followers of Jesus. The risen Christ, who has been wonderfully and unexpectedly present with them since Easter—comforting, teaching, challenging—leaves them to return to the One who sent him into their midst in the first place. Christ leaves those early followers with many unanswered questions, but also with the promise that the Spirit will come to empower them for a future that they can hardly imagine. The time between Ascension Day and Pentecost is what we might call a “retreat”— the time where the disciples gather together to wait and ponder all that has happened to them, and to prepare for this new moment in the mission they will share. “Why are you looking up to heaven?” is the challenge posed to the disciples by the two strangers in dazzling robes. The prayer, the work, the mission, the very Spirit of Christ is discovered here on earth, in new and surprising ways.



Luke 24:44-53


Jesus reminds the disciples of how he has fulfilled the Scriptures, then he promises the Holy Spirit, blesses them and is taken up to heaven.




John 17:6-19

Jesus prays for his followers, the ones to whom he has revealed God’s name and God’s word which is truth. He prays that God would keep them safe, would make them one as he and the Father are one, and would make them holy in the truth.



Prayer of Brokenness
Creator God, we confess that at times we are stuck. We are unable to move forward, and only can look back on what once was. We wonder where You are leading us, as it seems we are alone. Help us to become unstuck. Help us to move by faith, to trust that You are with us, guiding us along the way. Call to us so we will follow Your ways. Encourage us to live into hope instead of frozen in fear. Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer, help us in this journey of life and faith, now and always. Amen

Registration closes at noon tomorrow

Please remember …

As we move into the “Bridge Phase”  the Balcony will be open and our capacity was moved to 70.

Wear Masks

Maintain social distance

No conversations on the hallway

Stay home if you are sick or have been in contact with anyone who has Covid 19

Encourage people to get vaccinated…




Help us staying connected through

our prayer….

Please email

Jennifer ( with any of your Prayer Requests, including joys & concerns.

And once you see our list, please shower them with cards, that’s one way we show our love and care for one another. Nothing brightens your spirit like a  card of  “thinking of  you”.


Monday, May 17th 

Nominations- Church Presentation of New Structure @ 7:00pm

Tuesday, May 18th    

Registration for Sunday, May 9th – In-person Worship Opens.

Wednesday, May 19th

Finance 101 -Training Event @ 7:00pm

Thursday, May 20th  

Ministries of Music Rehearsal & Video Recording       

Friday, May 21st    

In-Person Registration Closes at NOON

Sunday, May 23rd – Pentecost Sunday 

Children’s Hour on ZOOM at 9:15am





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