Enews: Sunday, May 9, 2021

Sixth Sunday of Easter

Online & In-Person Worship @ 10:00am

On-line Baptism of Evangeline Mae Teater


Any religious tradition can turn into an insider’s club. While in Christian scriptures we read of Jesus and Paul calling out those who adhered to the law in ways that were restrictive of others, Christians have done the same thing. We have been concerned about church membership instead of inviting others into the life of Christ.

We have created hurdles to becoming a member of the beloved community instead of recognizing that everyone is a child of God. When the Ethiopian Eunuch declares, “Look, there is water! What is to prevent me from becoming baptized?” those of us inside church life might ask, “What are we doing to prevent others from joining into the life Christ has promised?” When those with Peter were amazed that Gentile believers had the Holy Spirit, Peter ordered the Gentile believers to be baptized. If the Spirit is present, who are we to try to stop God?





1 John 5:1-6

When we love God and keep God’s commandments, we love God’s children. It is by this love that we know that we are born of God, and it is this faith that overcomes the world.





John 15:9-17

Jesus calls his followers to love one another just as he has loved them. There is no greater than to lay down one’s life, as Jesus does, for one’s friends. Through this obedience to Jesus’ command to love we bear fruit that lasts.




Prayer of Brokenness
God Who Breaks Open, we confess that we have closed in, boarded up, and cut ourselves off from others. We have made churches into boxes that only allow certain people in, all while stating that we welcome everyone. We’ve placed requirements on people who need help, that they prove it to us first, that they show us their need, their vulnerability, while we hold the power. Forgive us, O God, for we might not recognize Jesus if he came to us. Forgive us, O God, for not being open to the power of the Spirit that blows through windows and doors. Forgive us, O God, for hardening our hearts. Open unto us Your love and forgiveness. Break open our hardened hearts to receive one another graciously. Break us open, O God, to Your ways, made known to us through Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.


Registration closes at noon tomorrow

Please remember …

Wear Masks

Maintain social distance

No conversations on the hallway

Stay home if you are sick or have been in contact with anyone who has Covid 19

Encourage people to get vaccinated…

Link to Facebook Live

Order of Worship for Sunday, May 9



Call for new pictures! Alex is hoping to include some updated spring pictures as part of the opening slideshow of the virtual service. If you have any photos of your and family that you would like included, please send them to Alex at his email: alex@firstumclombard.org. BONUS POINTS if your pictures are related to the activities of the church! Thanks!



Help us staying connected through

our prayer….Please email Jennifer (jennifer@firstumclombard.org) with any of your Prayer Requests, including joys & concerns.

And once you see our list, please shower them with cards, that’s one way we show our love and care for one another. Nothing brightens your spirit like a  card of  “thinking of  you”.

Monday, May 10th 

Health Team Meeting @ 6:30pm on ZOOM

Tuesday, May 11th   

Trustees @ 6:30pm – ZOOM

Registration for Sunday, May 16th – In-person Worship Opens

Thursday, May 13th     

 Ministries of Music Rehearsal & Video Recording       

Friday, May 14th     

In-Person Registration Closes at NOON

Sunday, May 16th  – Seventh Sunday of Easter/Ascension Sunday

Christian Formation Hour on ZOOM – 8:30am (Last Class of the Season)

Children’s Hour on ZOOM at 9:15am

Fellowship “Coffee” Hour- 11:15am on ZOOM





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