Enews: Sunday, July 25, 2021

Sunday, July 25th, 2021

Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

Online & Worship Celebration at 10 o clock in the morning





Sunday’s readings are full of apparent contradictions: faith and sin, acceptance and rejection, strength and weakness, fullness and emptiness. Yet every vile deed lamented by the psalmist is offset by God’s deliverance. If King David was truly that same psalmist, who could know this truth more intimately than the one who had an infamous affair with Bathsheba? Contrast his loathsome selfishness with the incredible selflessness of Jesus, who transformed a meal sufficient for only a few into a feast for five thousand. This is what Paul speaks of as the redemptive power of God’s love, the power to abundantly achieve far more than anything we might ask for or understand.




2 Kings 4:42-44

The prophet Elijah receives a bag of grain and twenty barley loaves, and he instructs his servant to feed one hundred people with them. The servant, although uncertain at first, obeys, and after everyone is fed there is food left over.




John 6:1-21

Jesus is followed by a large crowd and he asks Philip where they will find food to feed them, but Philip expresses that it would be far too costly to try and feed them all. Then Andrew points out one youth’s five loaves and two fish. Jesus blesses the food and has it distributed to the crowd, and everyone is fed. Then, because he knows they want to force him to be king, Jesus withdraws. But, later, as the disciples sail across the lake, a storm comes up. But, Jesus goes to the disciples on the water and they reach their destination safely.



Wisdom’s Heart: deep within, we know how we have failed to be your people.  Our hardened hearts are closed to the love of Christ; our lust for more and more blocks the fullness of your grace from transforming our lives; our trust in the powers of the world reveals our foolish nature.
Have mercy, God of every generation.  Pour out the rich blessing of forgiveness on our parched souls.  Feed us with Heaven’s Bread, so we might be nourished by your gentleness.  Shape us as your people, and restore us to faithful living, as we seek to follow our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in service to everyone we meet.

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Order of Worship for Sunday, July 25

Thursday, July 29th        

Ministries of Music Rehearsal & Video Recording

Sunday, August 1st 

Tenth Sunday after Pentecost

Service of Holy Communion

(Please have your communion elements ready for the Virtual Worship Experience)

Fellowship Time after Worship for the in -Person Worship

Looking ahead…

Wednesday, July 28th – Vaccination Site  1-4pm

Sunday, August 8th –  Guest Preacher Catherine Inserra, Deaconess

Manager of Faith & Community Relations- Kids Above All (Former Child Serve)

Friday, August 13 – Outdoor Movie Night

Sunday, September 12 – Ministries Extravaganza

Sunday, September 19 – Lilac Parade



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