ENews – Sunday, August 1, 2021

Sunday, August 1st, 2021

Tenth Sunday after Pentecost


10 O’clock in the morning

Online & Worship Celebration

Service of Holy Communion

Following on from last week, our readings continues to call us to faith. This week the challenge is to recognize that faith in God’s grace and abundance must lead us to action – to generosity and sharing of what we have received, be it gifts or resources. Essentially we cannot claim to be people of faith unless we live what we believe and proclaim in ways that touch the lives of others with grace and goodness.

The message is simple, but also very challenging. God’s grace is sufficient, and God does seek to sustain and provide for us. But, we have a part to play. As we commit to the unity of the community of faith so we each contribute our share from the gracious gifts God has given us – be it time, talents or treasures. When we do this, we all enjoy abundance and unity and the tremendous life and nourishment that flows as a result. However, when we refuse to do this and make our own personal needs and desires paramount, our unity breaks down, and we all end up hurting and in need. This is not a magical, “reward and punishment” view of faith or of the world. It is the simple reality that the Bread of Life has given us enough for all in the world, as long as we share what we have. When we hoard and take more than we need, we create lack and hunger, and our relationships inevitably break down.

May we grow a little more like our generous, compassionate God as we worship together…



Exodus 16:2-4, 9-15

The Israelites complain because they have no food in the desert, but God promises to supply them with meat and bread. Then a flock of quail arrive in their camp, and the next day they find manna on the ground.


John 6:24-35    

Jesus teaches the crowds that all they need to do is to believe in the one God sent. In response the people ask for a miracle, mentioning the manna that the Israelites received when they were in the wilderness with Moses. In response Jesus tells them that he is the true bread of life and that whoever comes to him will never be hungry or thirsty.



Prayer of Brokenness
God of All, we come to You with broken hearts. We confess to You that we have sinned. We have broken faith with one another and with You. Our hearts have been led astray by the promises of the world. We have failed to live into Your intention for our lives. We have failed to view Your image in one another. We have taken what we wanted and taken it for granted and have harmed others in the process. Forgive us. Refine us and purify us, so that our hearts might heal, and fill with Your love for one another. Remove the stains of the world that blister and fester, that lie to us about our needs and confuse them with our desires. Restore us fully to You, O God, and help us to seek forgiveness, reparation, and restoration wherever possible. Amen.

Order of Worship for Sunday, August 1

Link to Facebook Live

Thursday, August 5th        

Ministries of Music Rehearsal & Video Recording

Sunday, August 8th 

Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost

Guest Preacher Catherine Inserra, Deaconess – Manager of Faith & Community Relations- Kids Above All (Former Child Serve)

Fellowship Time after Worship


Looking ahead…

Sunday, September 12- Ministries Extravaganza

Friday, August 13 – Outdoor Movie Night

Saturday, August 14th – Teddie Knapp Memorial Service @ 10:00am

Sunday, September 19– Lilac Parade

 Throughout the month of August we will provide childcare in the nursery during the

Worship. Sunday School for Children will resume in September after the Labor Day weekend.



Just a friendly reminder for those coming to IN Person worship that it is more important than ever to remember to wear our mask. In doing so we will be able to continue singing and participating in the liturgy.






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