Enews: Sunday, August 22, 2021

August 22nd, 2021

Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost

10 O’clock in the morning

Online & Worship Celebration


This week is all about choices. On the one hand there is the choice to abandon our devotion to God and God’s ways. In the Gospel, many of

Jesus’ followers find his call to be completely united with him – to believe that he is the source of life and to take him into their beings (eating his flesh and drinking his blood) – too much to handle and they abandon Jesus. But, his disciples, although they may be feeling like they want to go, recognize that life is found in Christ and so remain faithful.

One of the big struggles we face in the Church today is the tendency to demonize one another, and those of other creeds or belief systems. By doing this we justify our judgment of them, and free ourselves from the guilt of failing to love as Jesus did. But, this is not the way of the Gospel, and it is, rather, a ch

oice to abandon the life of Christ in favor of our own self-interest. It’s a choice we deal with between denominations and religions, within church communities, and even in our own homes. Yet, if we take seriously the call to stay faithful to Christ, then we cannot avoid “eating his flesh and drinking his blood” – taking the life, the values, the mission, the purposes, the attitudes, and the priorities of Jesus into our hearts and souls and living completely from the choice to follow Jesus.

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Order of Worship for Sunday, August 22


Ephesians 6:10-20 

The apostle encourages the Ephesian believers to recognize that their struggle is not against human beings, but against spiritual forces of evil, and in order to stay strong they need to put on God’s armor and remain faithful in prayer. Then he asks them to pray for him as he seeks to spread the Gospel.




John 6:56-69: Jesus proclaims that he is the bread that came down from heaven, and that whoever eats his flesh and drinks his blood will remain in Christ and Christ in them. Then many disciples grumble and even start leaving, but when Jesus asks the twelve if they want to go too, Peter answers that they have nowhere else to go, because Jesus has the words of eternal life.




Deep calls to deep, O God, and You have given us hearts and minds to be open to Your love and to ponder the great mysteries. Guide us in our search for understanding. Keep us to Your ways of love, justice, and mercy. Hold us to Your commandments to love You and to love our neighbors. Throughout our lives, may we continue to draw closer to You, to know more of Your ways, and to also be in awe at the vastness of the universe You made that we will never fully understand. Lead us, Eternal One, through life and death and into the great mystery of eternity. Amen

Just a friendly reminder for those coming to IN Person worship that it is more important than ever to remember to wear our masks. In doing so we will be able to continue singing and participating in the liturgy.

Sunday, September 12– Ministries Extravaganza


Sunday, September 12– Ministries Extravaganza

Sunday, September 19– Lilac Parade – CANCELLED

New Format for this year!

Silent Auction begins on Sunday, October 3

Yes, before the auction event itself!

Event sign ups begin Sunday, October 3

Meal tickets available beginning Sunday, October 3

Needed: Sponsors, donors, buyers!



Eleanor Wiere Funeral Service

Monday, August 23rd

Visitation @ 10am and

Service @ 11:00am in our Sanctuary

Please Note: The Food Pantry and Clothes Closet will be closed on this day!



Looking for those who love to sing and/or want to play bells!

No experience necessary.

Chancel Choir and Aldersgate Ringers will resume rehearsals beginning Thursday, August 26th. Thursday rehearsals will rotate every other Thursday with Fusion.

Choir will start at 6:15 PM in the sanctuary and bells will start at 7:15 PM upstairs in the “old Youth Room.”





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