Enews: Sunday, August 8, 2021

August 8th, 2021

Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost

10 O’clock in the morning

Online & Worship Celebration

Guest Preacher—Catherine Inserra, Deaconess



Love calls us away from drawing borders and building walls, to erasing lines and building bridges. Loving one another calls us to see the burdens we have placed on


others that excludes them: the burdens of racism, sexism, ableism, the burdens of homophobia and transphobia. Perfect love casts out fear, and the love we know of God calls us to grow beyond what we have known ourselves. When we grow, we bear fruit. When we include others, we extend the love of God beyond what we have experienced. For God is love, and we cannot love God unless we grow and expand our love for one another.

Link to Facebook Live

Order of Worship for Sunday, August 8


John 15:1-8:

Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. God desires us to bear fruit, and to do so we must remain in Christ.


Prayer of Brokenness
Loving God, we confess that we have not loved as we ought. We have used love as if it was to be hoarded rather than shared freely. We have set limits on something that not ought to have borders. We have guarded how we love others instead of sharing Your grace. Forgive us for not loving as You have first loved us—without condition.

Forgive us for determining who is and who is not worthy of love, when You are Love. Forgive us for not following the example of our Savior, who became last of all and servant of all, who laid down his life for us all in the name of love. Call us into Your way, that by caring for the most vulnerable, we care for all. By loving those who are different than us, we love ourselves best. By sharing in this love, we reflect Your image in us. In the name of Jesus Christ, who came to us in the name of love, we pray. Amen.


Throughout the month of August we will provide childcare in the nursery during the Worship.

Sunday School for Children will resume in September after the Labor Day weekend.






Just a friendly reminder for those coming to IN Person worship that it is more important than ever to remember to wear our mask. In doing so we will be able to continue singing and participating in the liturgy.


Looking ahead…

Sunday, September 12– Ministries Extravaganza

Sunday, September 19– Lilac Parade

Sunday, October 17– Oktoberfest Dinner /Auction


Thursday, August 12th       

Ministries of Music Rehearsal &

Video Recording

Saturday, August 14th

Teddie Knapp Memorial Service-

Luis F. Reyes, Lead Pastor

Sunday, August 15th  

Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost

Bonnie Campbell, Pastor, Minister of Christian Education &  Spiritual Formation


Deaconess Catherine Inserra is the Manager of Faith and Community Relations with Kids Above All (formerly ChildServ), a United Methodist affiliated, non-profit agency building better lives for children since 1894. Originally established as the Methodist Deaconess Orphanage in Lake Bluff, IL Lucy Rider Meyer, founder and social visionary, is credited for the revival of the Deaconess movement.

Catherine builds mission partnerships with local churches, United Methodist Women and United Methodist Men, community groups and schools throughout the Northern IL Conference of the United Methodist Church, but not limited to, in order to uphold our Methodist roots and further mission partnerships. It is these partnerships that help to fortify our staff and programs in four counties, and more importantly, the recipients of these services. We believe in placing the health, well-being and education above all else for kids. Together as church and agency, our partnership builds better lives for kids and families.

Contact info: cinserra@kidsaboveall.org

Cell phone: 874/224.2870

Business number: 773/239.871



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