Enews: Sunday, September 19, 2021


September 19th,2021

Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost

Virtual & In  Person Worship Experience @ 10:00am



What is most important in our lives? Sometimes the things we think are important lead us astray. We work to make more money, with the intention of providing for our family and having enough. However, when do we determine we have enough? When do the desires and envy of the world pull us into consuming more and gaining more? Who might suffer because of our desires? What systems of the world are at play that produce more products at lower costs? What do we sacrifice in our own lives to gain more? God flips the world upside down. We aren’t called to sacrifice our families, our friends, the people we love for the sake of making more money. We aren’t even called to sacrifice our neighbors in need for the sake of having more. We aren’t called to sacrifice our health to gain the next promotion, the next worldly measure of success. Instead, when we root ourselves in God’s wisdom, and resist the ways of the world, we find God provides for us in a multitude of ways. It will still be a hard life, but the rewards are eternal.


James 3:13-4:3, 7-8a:

Wise followers of Christ should live a humble life. Jealousy and selfish ambition are not wise, but cause evil, conflict, murder and struggle. Therefore God’s people should resist evil, submit to God, draw near to God…



Mark 9:30-37:


Jesus predicts his death and resurrection, and then challenges the disciples for arguing about which of them is greatest. Then he teaches them that the greatest in God’s Reign must be the slave of all, and that whoever welcomes a child, welcomes Jesus, and the One who sent him.


Prayer of Brokenness/Confession
Wise God our Savior, we confess that we often fail to seek Your wisdom and insight in our life. Instead, we follow what is trending online, the market, the desires of others that become our own. We seek to have and consume much more than we need. God of Wisdom, turn us back to Your ways, to become Your children, full of wonder and awe at You and the world You have made. Turn us back to Your ways so that we love our neighbors as ourselves, and in our mutual love and care, our lives are transformed. Turn us back, O God, so that we might recall we are made in Your image, with the power to co-create and build Your reign here on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.


Just a friendly reminder we are under MASK mandate for all indoor facilities.  So please, while in our building,  wear your mask. 

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Order of Worship for Sunday, September 19

Silent Auction is held Sunday, October 3, 10, & 17.  Live Auction October 17

Event sign ups are underway NOW! 

Dinner sign up is underway now!!  Seating for dinner is limited – No walk-ins. 

Those not signing up for diner are invited to attend the Auction.  

NEEDED:  Sponsors, Donors, Buyers

Donations are due by September 20th!!

Sunday School for kids resumed in the Education Wing.

Thursday, September 23rd         

Ministries of Music Rehearsal &

Video Recording

Sunday, September 26th     

18th Sunday after Pentecost

Luis F. Reyes, Lead Pastor



September 19 – November 21

8:45 am – 9:50 am – In Person

In the Library

Childcare provided in the nursery


(Author of “Color of Compromise”)

This 10-session DVD study is a how-to-guide for pursing racial justice.  By providing a series of hands-on suggestions for practice bolstered by real-world examples of change, Jemar Tisby offers viewers an array of actionable items to help them become proactive initiators of racial justice. Far more than a simple list of items to do, it also provides a simple framework to help viewers consistently Interrogate their own actions and maintain a posture of anti-racist action.

This video study is for anyone who believes it is time for the church to stop compromising with racism and courageously confront it.


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