Enews: Sunday, September 26, 2021

September 26th,2021

Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost

10 O’clock in the morning

Virtual & In Person @ 10am Worship Celebrations

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

There are several times in the Gospels where Jesus was accused of having a demon (example: Mark 3:22). Jesus then speaks about blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. A demon cannot do good things. No one can do good works apart from the Holy Spirit.

Jesus’ ministry of healing was the proof that the Holy Spirit was at work in him. In the same way, Jesus wasn’t concerned about the man that John saw casting out demons. The Holy Spirit was among him. Moses wasn’t concerned about the two others prophesying in the camp, because they were delivering God’s word to the people. The Holy Spirit was among them.

Far too often, religious people of all religions like to claim theirs is the true way and others are not. Others must be influenced by the evil in the world. But how can we question the real-life experience of these good works? Jesus was questioned even by John the Baptist through his disciples in Matthew 11:1-6, if he was really the Messiah. Jesus’ response was to go report to John what they saw: the blind could see, the lame could walk, those with skin diseases were healed, the dead raised, the poor had good news. What other proof is needed? We are not called to be gatekeepers. Instead, we are called to recognize and honor the power of the Holy Spirit at work in all of God’s children, whether they’re part of our group or not.



Mark 9:38-50:

Jesus tells his disciples not to stop a person who is casting out demons in Jesus’ name, and Jesus tells them to let him be, adding that whoever is not against him is for him. Then he teaches that anyone who gives one of Jesus’ disciples water will be rewarded, but those who cause little ones to stumble will be cursed. Anything that causes us to sin must be thrown away, and we must “maintain our salt” and keep peace with each other.



Order of Worship for Sunday, September 26

Link to Facebook Live



Just a friendly reminder we are under MASK mandate for all indoor facilities.

So please while in our building  wear your masks.

Positive Covid 19 Case!

In following with our protocols, we received news of a positive Covid Case.

(a fully vaccinated person) It didn’t affect our worship experience or our outreach ministries. As we wore our masks and kept our distance, only the people who had interaction were informed. Building is clean and sanitized.




Donations due by September 20th….

Silent auction being held Sundays – October 3, 10 & 17

Live Auction October 17 – Sign up to attend the dinner.  Seating is limited! 

Those not attending dinner are invited to attend the auction. 

We still need sponsors, donors and buyers!




Wednesday, September 29th

Nominations Committee Meeting 6:45pm ZOOM

Thursday, September 30th       

Ministries of Music Rehearsal & Video Recording

Saturday, October 2nd

Fall Session Northern Illinois Conference – Virtual

Sunday, October 3rd       

19th Sunday after Pentecost

Christian Formation Hour @ 8:45am

World Communion Sunday

Luis F. Reyes, Lead Pastor




September 19 – November 21

8:45 am – 9:50 am – In Person in the Library

Childcare provided in the nursery


by Jemar Tisby (Author of “Color of Compromise”)

This 10-session DVD study is a how-to-guide for pursing racial justice.

By providing a series of hands-on suggestions for practice bolstered by real-world examples of change, Jemar Tisby offers viewers an array of actionable items to help them become proactive initiators of racial justice. Far more than a simple list of items to do, it also provides a simple framework to help viewers consistently Interrogate their own actions and maintain a posture of anti-racist action.

This video study is for anyone who believes it is time for the church to stop compromising with racism and courageously confront it.

A new Church Directory was emailed out a couple of days ago.  Please check your information and if it needs to be updated, or if you’d like a different picture, let the Office know.  Also, if you didn’t receive it, let us know.  Thank You!



Pastor Luis will be out of the office next week from September 27 to September 30th.  

Taking time for recharge, refresh, renew.





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