Enews: Sunday, September 5, 2021

        September 5th,2021

Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Service of Holy Communion

Virtual & In Person Worship Experience @ 10: 00 am




We know what we have been taught through Scripture and the traditions passed down to us; however, living out our faith is much more difficult. Even Jesus, at times, struggled with what he believed he was supposed to do, and the needs of the people before him. Throughout the scriptures, God shows us that the poor, the widow, the orphan, the foreigner—the people who are often marginalized, forgotten about, and excluded—are the ones God is concerned for. As a community of faith, we are challenged to look for those who are most in need, and they are often the ones who cannot give in return. Instead, we often act like the people James wrote about—turning to please the wealthy and those in power—the very ones who may oppress us.

We are called to live out our faith in the ways that God has shown us throughout the centuries. Otherwise, it’s as James said—our faith, our church, doesn’t mean anything.

Order of Worship for Sunday, September 5

Link to Facebook Live


James 2:1-10, (11-13), 14-17:

To show favoritism is to deny Jesus’ faithfulness, and is to break the law which calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves. It is sinful to favor the wealthy over the poor. Claiming we have faith when we fail to live it out in acts of compassion is meaningless.


Mark 7:24-37:



Jesus heals a Gentile woman’s daughter after an interesting conversation, and opens the ears and mouth of a deaf-mute man. Jesus then tries to get the people to keep silent about what he has done, but they insist on spreading the news.



God of Peace, the world is fractured and brittle around us. What we once assumed was permanent has become temporary. The temporary has stretched much longer than anticipated. We live with so many unknowns, so many tragic circumstances in the world. Bring peace to us. Not a peace that is passive, that numbs us to the pain of the world, but a peace that is the quiet assurance You are still at work in our world and in our lives. Bring peace to us in the form of help and aid when we struggle with mental health. Bring peace to us when we are feeling lonely and detached, by helping us to learn new ways of being community. Bring peace to us when all we can view before us is destruction and despair, in that there are still those in the world who love, who practice and pursue justice, and they need us, and we need them. Prince of Peace, grant us peace in our hearts. Amen.

Just a friendly reminder we are under MASK mandate for all indoor facilities.

So please, while in our building,  wear your mask.




Monday, September 6th

Labor Day- Building Closed

Thursday, September 9th          

Ministries of Music Rehearsal & Video Recording

Sunday, September 12th     

16th Sunday after Pentecost

Luis F. Reyes, Lead Pastor

Ministries Extravaganza


It is Communion Sunday, for those attending our Virtual Worship Experience, please make sure you have communion elements available.  Bread, crackers, water, grape juice….

Please stay away grape or orange soda, or any soda at all.



New format for this year!

Silent Auction is held Sun. October 3, 10, 17

Live Auction October 17

Event sign ups underway now!

Dinner sign up underway now! (information and signup available on web home page)

Seating for Dinner is limited so sign up now.

Those not signing up for dinner are invited to attend the Auction

Needed: sponsors, donors, buyers!   Donations Due September 20!



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