Enews: Sunday, October 24, 2021






October 24th, 2021

22nd Sunday after Pentecost

In Person & Virtual Worship @ 10:00am                             





Far too often Christians have viewed faith and belief in Jesus Christ as a ticket into heaven.      As a way of surviving this world and being with God forever. Instead, the scriptures, from Job to Jeremiah to the Gospels, invite us to build up God’s reign on earth. To right the wrongs of society. To include those the dominant voices have pushed to the margins or forgot about. To lift up those whom we might not look to for leadership—searching for wisdom and insight instead of strength and might. When Job’s fortunes were restored, he took it as an opportunity to right some wrongs of the traditions of his day. The storytellers of Job include his daughters in the inheritance, to make sure their names were remembered. The Gospel writer of Mark made sure that Bartimaeus was remembered when others wanted him to keep quiet, and that he was restored to society. Samuel was certain God would call up another strong leader for Israel, but instead, it was the little shepherd boy, probably teased by his brothers for being cute, the one his father seemed to forget, whom God chose to be king. While we are offered eternal life, God also offers us the opportunity to participate in Christ’s reign on earth. We can choose to continue to live in a hell on earth while waiting for heaven, or we can work to build heaven on earth.

Order of Worship for Sunday, October 24

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Mark 10:46-52:                                                       

As Jesus enters Jericho a blind man named Bartimaeus shouts out asking for Jesus to have mercy on him. Then Jesus calls the blind man, and asks him what he wants. When he answers that he wants to see, Jesus heals him, and he follows Jesus.



Weaver of the Stars, we know Your work in creation and Your work in our lives. Threads are woven together, binding us to creation and to one another in community. We impact the ecosystem, and the environment impacts our lives, and it can be harmful to the most vulnerable among us. Remind us of our interconnectedness and to care for creation, for by doing so we care for community and for one another. And while we only know Your weaving here on earth, we can see Your weaving in the stars beyond us, in the galaxies far off. Who knows what You are weaving inside us, in the tiny atoms that give us life and make us who we are? May we pause and take into our hearts all the work of Your loom in the world, and do what we can to be part of Your glorious, beautiful pattern in this world and the universe. Amen.

Wednesday, October 27


Relations Committee

7:00pm—Charge Conference

The Reverend Danita Anderson (former Aurora District Superintendent) and currently Lead Pastor Woodridge United Methodist Church will be our Presiding Elder




Pastor Luis continue recovering at home after surgery.   For any office/business/pastoral care related matters please contact Jennifer at 630/627-2508 x 301 or jennifer@firstumclombard.org and she will assist you.




All Saints Sunday, November 7

Please send pictures of your loved ones that have passed since All Saints Sunday 2020 so we may include them in our Worship Service.

Please provided full name and date of passing.



Wednesday, October 27th

7pm Charge Conference

Thursday, October 28st         

Ministries of Music Rehearsal & Video Recording

Sunday, October 27th         

23rd Sunday after Pentecost

Christian Formation Hour @ 8:45am



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