Christmas Eve – December 24, 2021

December 19th, 2021

 Fourth Sunday of Advent 

Virtual & In Person Worship @ 10am



4:30pm Christmas Eve Service

(Premier Virtual and In-Person)

11:00pm Christmas Eve Service

(In-Person Only) – Service of Lessons & Carols




Everything turns around on this night of nights. The Light of the World arrives in the humblest of circumstances, and angels proclaim glory to the humblest of servants. Light breaks into the darkest of times, and yokes of oppression are shattered to free the enslaved. A child becomes the savior proclaimed by centuries of prophets bringing good news for all people, and for creation itself. Even the trees will break forth in song, for everything turns around on this night called Christmas Eve.


Isaiah 9:2-7:

God offers a sign of God’s grace and protection to the King and people of Judah – in the darkness light shines, and the birth of a child is the sign of new life and of God’s righteous kingdom to be established.

Titus 2:11-14:


Through Christ God’s grace has appeared and God has enabled us to live lives of goodness.





Luke 2:1-14 (15-20):

Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem for the Emperor’s census, and while there Mary gives birth to her son. Shepherds are told by angels about the birth and find the place where the holy family is to be found, telling the story of what they have been told about the child.



God of Joy, we come to celebrate again the arrival of Love Incarnate here in our very midst. Your glorious arrival is enough to cause the forests to sing for joy, yet we still find reasons to complain and sigh. Your light of salvation is bright enough to illuminate every corner of our lives, yet we still find ourselves shrouded in worry and doubt.
Your gift of Love is big enough for the whole world, yet we still find ourselves resentful that your love extends to those whom we deem to be unworthy. God, you invite us into the light of the stable where the overlooked and forgotten have gathered to celebrate the miracle of your love. Give us the strength and courage to join you at the manger. Amen.

Order of Worship for Christmas Eve December 24

Link to Facebook Live


Just a friendly reminder we are under MASK mandate for all indoor facilities. 

So please while in our building wear your masks.



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