Sunday, December 26, 2021

December 26th, 2021

 First Sunday After Christmas

Virtual & In Person Worship @ 10am




And so we jump from the manger to the Temple when Jesus is twelve years old. We’ll be going back to his childhood next week, but in the meantime, we are faced with a Jesus who is very human – learning, debating, growing, looking rather like Samuel did when he was a boy. One of the toughest choices we will make in our faith is to really take the humanity of Jesus seriously. This is the challenge of this week for us

As we worship the incarnate God, may we also encounter the human Jesus this week.


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Order of Worship for Sunday, December 26

1 Samuel 2:18-20,26:


Samuel grows under the care of Eli the priest, and his parents visit him annually when they come to the Tabernacle for the sacrifice.




Luke 2:41-52:

Mary and Joseph accidentally leave Jesus behind in Jerusalem, and return to find him in the Temple in discussion with the religious teachers. Jesus is obedient and grows in wisdom and stature.


God of All Times, may we sit in Your time, Kairos time, for a while. May we not be worried about chronology, the turning of pages on a calendar and years in our lives. For a moment in this in-between time, this last week of 2021, may we sit with You and grow in Your wisdom. May we know that You have plans for us, plans for a future with hope as you spoke to Jeremiah all those years ago, though our plans and futures are far different. It is the hope we cling to, that somehow things will turn out better than they have been. But may we sit in this Kairos time, O God, and remember Your faithfulness to us in all times, in all days and months and years and seasons, and know You are present with us, now and always. Amen.

Just a friendly reminder we are under MASK

mandate for all indoor facilities.

So please while in our building wear your masks.

Thursday, December 30th    

Music Rehearsals & Video Recording

Sunday, January 2nd           

Second Sunday after Christmas

NO – Christian Formation Hour



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