Sunday, May 8, 2022

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May 8, 2022

Fourth Sunday Of Easter Worship Celebration

Celebrating Asian Pacific Heritage Month

Festival of the Christian Home

On this Mother’s Day, may we remember the roots of this holiday and care for all women, especially the most vulnerable among us. The Narrative Lectionary reminds us that trafficking continues today, and there are many organizations working to stop the trafficking of women and children (I encourage you to research those organizations, however, because some end up causing more harm, but there are organizations helping vulnerable people in your community). Dorcas’ story reminds us that the work traditionally done by women in this world has often been overlooked and undervalued—here is a story of a disciple of Christ who was needed so much that Peter prayed she would be brought back to life. And we are reminded that all of us—men, women, transgender, nonbinary—all people—are beloved and part of God’s plan for salvation as revealed to John of Patmos. May we celebrate and honor all today, grieve with those who grieve, and support those whose voices still need to be listened to.

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Acts 9:36-43:

Peter raises Tabitha of Joppa, which brings many people to faith.

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John 10:22-30:


Jesus speaks of himself as the Shepherd of his followers who are the sheep he cares for, and who know his voice.

Prayer of Brokenness

Holy One, we confess that we have created binaries and boxes, that we have sought to categorize people by gender and ability. We have valued one gender over another and valued one type of work over another. We have sought to label and place others in hierarchies that You never intended for us. You created us in Your image, male and female, and all of us, whether we fit into one or both or neither category, are still in Your image. You have transcended our categories and language that attempts to make sense of You. Forgive us when our boxes and categories have caused harm. Forgive us when we have devalued others. Forgive us when we have forced others to conform. You are the Holy One, the Creator of us all—how dare we attempt to devalue Your creation, Your image? Call us into accountability and the hard work of reparation and restoration, for You are our God, beyond gender and categorization. You made the universe and all that is in it. Call us back to Your ways of healing and wholeness. In the name of Christ, who died for us all, we pray. Amen.

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Asian American and Pacific Islander

Heritage Month

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, in which we celebrate and recognize the cultural and historical contributions of Asian Pacific Americans to the United States. Along with fifteen Asian Pacific American ethnic groups in The United Methodist Church—Cambodian, Chinese, Filipino, Formosan, Hmong, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Middle Easterners, Pakistani, South Asians, Vietnamese, Tongans, Samoans, and Fijians—we honor the heritage and legacy of Asian Pacific Americans.

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Spring Clean Up

Men’s fellowship will be hosting a church Spring Cleaning Day on Saturday, May 14, 2022 at 9am.

This will include outside as well as inside projects and we’d like your help.

It would be great to have a list of available helpers so we can choose how many of the needed tasks we might be able to complete.

If you are able to help, please contact Ron Lohman at or text Ron at 708.533.7282.

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Thanks in advance,

Ron Lohman

Celebrating Pastor Luis’ Ministry

Help us celebrate Pastor Luis’ ministry with us for the past 11 years. We would like to honor him in 2 ways: 1) We would like to present him with a Love Offering as a way to show our affection and appreciation, and 2) We will be celebrating his ministry with a luncheon on Sunday, May 22nd after church.

Of course, this is just a couple of the ways that we as a church body can appreciate his leadership and we would encourage you as well to send a card expressing your personal appreciation for his ministry. If you are interested in participating by giving a Love Offering, please write your check payable to FUMC and on the memo write “love offering/Pastor Luis” and mail the check to the church office attention SPPRC. f you are interested in signing up for the luncheon (which we need to make sure we have enough food), please sign up in the narthex or the church office (630-627-2508) with your name and headcount. Thanks so much in advance for your generosity.

Jack Baker,

Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee

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After more than 40 years at FUMC the Food Pantry and Clothes Closet now under the umbrella of The Outreach House are preparing to move to a new location where they can bring all their programs Under One Roof. They are excited to announce that they have secured a location at 805 S. Main Street, Lombard. This will enable residents in need of assistance to receive food, clothing, diapers, infant needs and emergency assistance in one accessible location. They are requesting donations towards the cost of renovating the space and ongoing program operating costs. During Giving DuPage Days all donations up to $12,000 will be matched, doubling your impact. Visit to make a donation between May 2 – 6.

With Gratitude, Hester Bury

Coordinator, The Outreach House Food Pantry – 630-290-1829

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2022 Bishop’s Appeal

The 2022 Northern Illinois Annual Conference Bishop’s Appeal special offering will go toward Ukraine assistance. While immediate needs are great, we know the people of Ukraine will need assistance in the long term. For more details on fundraiser ideas and bringing your collective offering to Annual Conference, visit In the meantime, you are encouraged to give to your local church and designate “Ukraine Assistance.”


Humanitarian Assistance to Ukraine

United Methodists and others wishing to provide humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian people in the wake of the Russian invasion of their country may contribute to Advance #982450, UMCOR International Disaster Response and Recovery. This fund will provide direct assistance to those in Ukraine as well as assistance to Ukrainians fleeing to neighboring countries.

Click on the image for more information.

Memorial Services

Amy Castleberry – Saturday, May 21@ 10am


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